Water Droplet Time LIne

  • Ski Mountain

    Ski Mountain
    As I flew onto the mountain I was surrounded by skiiers and snowborders just circling me aorund and around. The mountain was steep and icy. As I slid down the hill i was held on by a snowboard!
  • Minassota Blizzard

    Minassota Blizzard
    One of the biggest blizzard hit Minassota on January 9 1975. About 20 ft high. Over 70 people passed away from this horrific event.
  • lake Erie Canal

    lake Erie Canal
    As the snow soften, I was part of a run off as well as my million other raindrop mates. The run off led to Lake Erie Canal and then I floated to the Alantic Ocean.
  • Barbuda Triangle

    Barbuda Triangle
    As i made my way into the ocean I came across the barbuda triangle. As i looked to my right I saw a man sailing his way towards this death hole. He was named Malcolm Smith. One of the greatest sailers that stepped foot on this earth!
  • Lowry Park Zoo

    Lowry Park Zoo
    As i made my way into the zoo I landed into a big water trout. It was filled with dust, dirt, and water. As i looked over I heard a herd of elephants charging towards me. I became frantic wondering if I will survive this mishap.