War of 1812

By jandy
  • Chesapeake incedent

  • Britain decrees Order in Council

    Britain's allies and countries neutral to war between Britain and France not allowed to trade with France unless duties paid to Britain
  • Jefferson signs embargo bill

  • Congress votes to repeal embargo

  • embargo repealed; also Jefferson's last day in office and the date of Madison's inauguration

  • Madison issues proclamation of Erskine Agreement: meant to take effect June 10

  • Madison re-establishes non-intercourse due to dismissal of Erskine Agreement in Britain

  • Congress passes Macon's Bill #2, replacing previous nonintercourse legislation

  • Madison states nonintercourse against Britain

  • Reimposition of non-intercourse against Great Britain: Law of March 2

  • Orders in Council ended, announced by British foreign secretary

  • the Twelfth Congress convenes (special War Congress, requested by Madison in July

  • Night: Battle of Tippecanoe

  • Congress passes embargo - allows American ships to return safely to harbor before war

  • Madison renominated by Republican party

  • Madison nominated again for presidency (Republican party)

  • Madison delivers war message

  • House of Representatives approves war

  • Senate approves war

    This was after long debate and discussion; the decision to go to war prevailed despite splits in the Republican party and the adamant opposition of the Federalists.
  • General William Hull gives "freedom" address to Canadians at Sandwich