Vietnam War

  • Eisenhower Becomes President

    Eisenhower Becomes President
    Dwight D. Eisenhower is inaugeratued president. We must remember that he increased military aid in Vietnam, also getting Congress to send out needed supplies. He also created the Domino Theory stating that if one country falls into communism its neighboring will fall as well. He tried to prevent the communist's victory.
  • Republic of South Vietnam

    Republic of  South Vietnam
    Diem becomes South Vietnam's first president. After this President Eisenhower declares his support for South Vietnam to help protect the from North Vietnam's communists.
  • JFK Becomes President

    JFK Becomes President
    JFK declares that he would do anything to help a friend, referring to South Vietnam. He also wasn't afraid to send troops out.
  • During December of 1961

    The North Vietcong guerrillas were now takin control of most of South Vietnam's country side. South Vietnam and its troops were now being attacked frequently. The US was also maintaining 200,000 soliders in Vietnam, which was causing America millions.
  • Neutrality of Laos

    Neutrality of Laos
    The Neutrality of Laos was made to say that the US couldn't invade the Ho Chi Minh trail.
  • Foreign Assistence Act of 1962

    Foreign Assistence Act of 1962
    This act was passed to allow the United States to help any foreign country in direct attack of communism that wasn't wanted or forced upon them.
  • Battle of Ap Bac

    Battle of Ap Bac
    This battle was shown up on American newspapres, which included that 3 American helicopter members were killed by North Vietnamese troops. That we also had lost the battle.
  • L.B.J Becomes President

    L.B.J Becomes President
    Kennady is assasinated, LBJ is sworn in becoming the 36th president.
  • March of 1964: Bombings

    March of 1964: Bombings
    The US began bombing the Ho Chi Minh trail. Which also goes against the Neutrality of Laos, signed by th US.
  • Bombing of North Vietnam

    Bombing of North Vietnam
    President Johnson approved a request by the National Security Council to begin bombing North Vietnam.
  • The attack on US Naval

    The attack on US Naval
    The American Desrtroyer, the USSS Madox was attacked by the North Vietnamese while on international waters. Which goes to show this was done deliberatley. Reminding us that we're allies with South Vietnam, protecting the people against a communist country.
  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

    Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
    After the United States had sent our naval ships next to North Vietnam on international waters they attacked us deliberatly. This lead Congress to pass a resolution allowing the president to atttack North Vietnam to maintain "peace". This gave our president the chance to attack North Vietnam and send troops out.
  • US Military Compound Attacked

    North Vietnames guerillas attacked a military compound. This event left 8 Americans dead, and wounded 126. Also, destroying 10 of our aircraft.
  • Operation Rolling Thunder

    Operation Rolling Thunder
    This operation ordered over 100 air strikes, targeting North Vietnam. A majority of these attacks were trying to be aimed toward the Ho Chi Minh trail.
  • Air Strikes

    On this day the United States went through with many major air strikes on North Vietnam.
  • Protesters March on Washington Monument

    Protesters March on Washington Monument
    On this day 35,000 people surrounded the white house and protested against our involvement in the war. They wanted the troops to come home.
  • President Johnson's Proposal; POW

    President Johnson's Proposal; POW
    President Johnson made a propsal to disscus with North Vietnam on the treatment of prisoners of war or a possibly being able to exchange them . However, they denied the proposal.(December 8th-9th)
  • Continue Bombings

    After President Johnson attempted peace efforts, he failed which lead him to go back to resume full-scale bombings.
  • Haiphong Harbor

    North Vietnam's harbor Haiphong was targeted for one of the frst times by US bombers.
  • Beginning of Peace Talks

    Beginning of Peace Talks
    Peace talks occured between the United States and North Vietnam, which were held in Paris. They would discuss pulling out of South Vietnam. Theses talks continued to go on and off for 5 years.
  • Richard Nixon wins Presidential Election

    When Nixon is elected he promises 3 things. 1.)To reform the draft. 2.)Give South Vietnam more resonsibility in fighting the war. 3.)Intensive bombing.
  • Battle of Hamburger Hill

    Battle of Hamburger Hill
    Ths battle lasted 10 days, many Americans were angered by this battle because when we won the president pulled all the troops out of there. Many say this was a waste of many American lives. This also lead to many protests.
  • Woodstock Aug. 15th-18th

    Woodstock Aug. 15th-18th
    Woodstock was a music festival held by hippies. It was to share music, experiment drugs, and use free love. Over 450,000 people attended this event.
  • Withdrawl of Soliders

    Withdrawl of Soliders
    President Nixon sent a withdrawl of 35,000 soliders out of Vietnam to bring them back home.
  • More Withdrawls

    NIxon orders 50,000 more soliders out of Vietnam.
  • Kent State Massacre

    Kent State Massacre
    At Kent State there was a protest held by students against the war. This protests lead to violence, 4 people were killed and 9 injured. This event also lead to other universities protesting as well.
  • Offical End of War

    Offical End of War
    President Minh surrenders, the war is finally over. The last American troops come home. North Vietnam gains the win.