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Cold War in Asia 1945-75

By Lawtonh
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    Cold War in Asia

  • US A-bomb Japan

    USA dropped A-bombs on Hiroshima (6th aug) and Nagasaki (9th)
  • Surrender!

    Emperor Hirohito surrenders Japan and MacAthur becomes Supreme Cmmander of US occupation forces in Japan
  • Kennan's Long Telegram

    Kennan sent a telegram to the president outlining the intentions of communist expansion
  • Bell Trade Act

    USA preferential trade in the Philippines
  • Civil War resumes in China

  • The Truman Doctrine

    The Truman Doctrine on the policy of containment and aid to those fighting communists
  • Peoples Democratic Republic of North Korea

    Peoples Democratic Republic of North Korea is set up by Kim Il Sung
  • USSR successfully test A-bomb

  • Mao Zedong established the People's Republic of China

  • Truman announces 'Defensive Perimster Strategy'

  • Huk rebellion in the Philippines

    Huks were nationalist against the US occupation, not communists, but were thought to be communist so put down anyway
  • Sino-Soviet Pact

  • NSC68

    COMPLETE re-think in american stategy against communism, much more aggresive, predicted WW3 with USSR and other communist states. Demanded trebeling the military funding
  • Korean War began

  • Period: to


  • US/UN Inchon landing and Seoul retaken

  • US adavance to the Yalu River; Chinese Intervention and Esculation

  • MacArthur dismissed; Stalemate began

  • San Francisco Treaty- Independence for Japan

  • Esienhower elected

  • Period: to


  • End of Korean War

  • Viet Minh beat French at Dien Bien Phu

    Viet Minh massacre French an isolated outpost
  • Vietnam splits into North and South

    Vietnam splits into North and South at the geneva conference
  • President Diem takes power

    he aslo begins a campaign against political dissidends
  • Communists from NVietnam begin insurgency into SVietnam

  • Weapons make there way from NV to SV

  • American Aid to Diem decreases

  • Kennedy elected

  • Period: to


  • US military advisors rise to 12,000 in SV

  • US troops in Vietnam: 9,000

  • The Viet Congs defeat units of ARVN

  • US troops in Vietnam: 15,000

  • President Diem is assassinated

    Kennedy knew prior to the event
  • Kennedy assassinated

  • Period: to


  • LBJ replaces JFK

  • US enters war

  • Period: to


  • US troops in Vietnam: 16,000

  • Gulf Of Tolkin incident

    A US patrol boat was allgedly attacked, and then another one (although no one has any evidence that the second even occured). This gave LBJ the option to "TAKE ALL NECESSARY MEASURES..." they then started pre-planned bombing raids
  • US troops in Vietnam: 60,000

  • Operation rolling thunder

    the first stage of esculation. Bombing the Ho Chi Minh Trail through Loas
  • US troops in Vietnam: 268,000

  • US troops in Vietnam: 449,000

  • McNamara's resignation

    the infamous 'hawk' McNamara resigned, this was seen as the point of desculation
  • US troops in Vietnam: 535,000

  • Tet Offensive

    a combined assult by the Viet Cong and the NV army on US positions. Damaged Us public opinion
  • Period: to


  • Westmoreland's request for more troops

    he requested 206,000 extra US troops to kill off the war. LBJ agreed but then chabged his mind after listening to his advisors who had once pushed for esculation
  • My Lai Massacre

    the massacre of hundreds of innocent women children and old people. Hugely damaging to public opinion
  • 1968 election

    LBJ refuses to stand, Nixon wins, promising to bring the war to an end. 3rd July Westmoreland was replaced by Gernal Creighton Abrams.
  • US troops in Vietnam: 539,000

  • US troops in Vietnam: 415,000

  • inavasion of Cambodia

    Destrauction of Ho Chi Minh trail... NV retaliate by invading Loas
  • Invasion of Loas

    Lam Son Offensive... failed- failed Vietnamisation
  • US troops in Vietnam: 47,000

  • Preliminary agreement

    1. A cease-fire with armies retaining their areas of control 2.US troop withdrawal within 60 days
    2. Exchange of POWs
    3. Shared control by the Saigon government, the PRG and neutal faction in reaching a negotiated political settlement which would implement:
    4. democratic elections in the south -peaceful unification of Veitnam
    FAILED. Theui refused to sign
    -reconstruction including US funding
  • Xmas Bombing

    bombing of NV cities to push Hanoi into negotiations. Popularity fall for Nixon.
  • Paris Agreement

    signed by US NV SV and the PRG
  • South Veitnam falls to North Vietnam- unification under communism

    Saigon fell to communism and meant that the US had failed