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  • Rise of Communist Party

    Rise of Communist Party
    Returning to his home country after being educated in France Ho CHi Minh helped found the Indochinese Communist Party and overthrow the French.
  • Independence of Vietnam

    Independence of Vietnam
    After the Allies stoped the Japanese vietnam declared its self an independent nation. This would not last long however.
  • French fight into vietnam

    French fight into vietnam
    The French were unwilling to let the Vietminh take over. They sent several troops in to drive back the natives and take a new government in Vietnam.
  • american prespective

    american prespective
    the USA respected the desicion to liberate India from the British and was also against Colonialism. however it feared the spread of communisim and ultimately decided to support the French
  • Eisenhower takes office

    Eisenhower takes office
    Eisenhower takes precidency and decides to support the French in their campaign against the Vietminh, bue to their fear of the domino theory
  • Elections

    The Genevea Accords called for elections in Vietnam. the south refused knowing that the north would not hold fair elections and Ho Chi Minh would win.
  • Geneva Accords

    Geneva Accords
    The French troops fell to the Vietminh at Dien Pien Phu. this defeat due to the guerrilla warfare convinced the french to make peace and withdraw from Indochina. The country was then divided into north and south
  • American Troops in Vietnam

    American Troops in Vietnam
    Keneddy wanted to take a tough stance on communism and raised the number of troops from 2,000 to around 15,000 along with helicopters to keep south vietnam from collapsing to commusim
  • Kennedy

    JFK takes office and swore to uphold a tough stand in Vietnam and against communism throughout the world.
  • Agent Orange

    Agent Orange
    This was the first use of the chemical developed by the U.S. that was used to clear out vegitation making it crucial for the advancement of their troops in the dense jungles.
  • Overthrow of Diem

    Overthrow of Diem
    Diem was against Buddhism and banned a celebration of a significant holiday. Nine people were killed and fourteen wounded. after this incident mass protests broke out opposing Diem.
  • Change in Command

    Change in Command
    Three weeks after Diem's death Kennedy is assassinated and Lyndon Johnson takes over. Cautiously determined to prevent the spread of communism Johnson feared that they would lose vietnam.
  • Gulf of Tankin

    Gulf of Tankin
    North Vietnamese submarines fired and sank two American ships, Johnson faced critisism from his political opponents for being to soft on Communism. He responded by ordering two aircraft attacks on North Vietnamese ships.
  • Prosecutions

    Between 1965 and 1968 there were 3300 people who were taken to court because they refused to serve in the army. the government then introduced the lotery system in which possitions in the army were drafted away.
  • Bombings

    Americans began the bombins of North Vietnam to cut off supplies in places that were deemed crucial for the North Vietnamese army.
  • Educational Protests

    Educational Protests
    Teachers in University of Michigan started teach-ins where their classes sdiscussed the issues of war in a form of protest. 122 colleges experienced teach ins and there were more than 100,000 antiwar demonstrators.
  • Congress of Racial Equality

    Congress of Racial Equality
    Sent a statement that the draft was unfair as it focused mainly on grops of poor and avoided the rich.
  • Cedar falls

    Cedar falls
    The USA troops set out on a mission of search and destroy where they found an elaborate tunnle system near Siagon. THis was later named the Iron Triangle.
  • Richard Nixon f

    Richard Nixon f
    Nixon took office and promised to finally pull the troops out of Vietnam. A year later he announced the retirement of 250,000 troops.
  • Tet offensive

    Tet offensive
    The Tet offensive took place on the Vietnamese New Year where the Vietcong attacked all the American air bases in South Vietnam. This mass offensive lasted for about a month where the Communist failed to be succesful as they were driven back by the American/ Vietnamese troops.
  • Masacre at My Lai

    Masacre at My Lai
    Lieutenant William Calley killed around 200 men, women, and children . The Lieutenant was sent to jail, but was never given the death penalty like the other people who the government has decided are worth executed throughout the years.....
  • Breakfast

    After taking office Nixon approved secret bombing in Cambodia in an attempt to cut of supplies to for the North Vietnamese Army.
  • The USA withdraws from Vietnam

    The USA withdraws from Vietnam
    NIxon was reelected and finally pulled American troops completely out of war as a peace treaty was signed. He then was forced to resign as precident due to the Watergate scandal. North Vietnam broke the treaty and invaded the south. The South Vietnamese asked for USA help but they were turned down by congress.
  • Fall of Saigon

    Fall of Saigon
    The North Vietnamese army took Siagon and renamed the city Ho CHI Minh City. They united all of Vietnam under Communism.
  • Aftermath of Vietnam

    Aftermath of Vietnam
    Vietnam left an impact of what sustaining a war does to a nation. 58,000 deaths and nearly 300,000 injured. Along with $170 billion of cost from war. Many veterans suffered from post war trauma. The country then fell to total communism.