Vietnam war

Vietnamese War Timeline and Effects

  • Foes of South Vietnam

    Foes of South Vietnam
    North Vietnam, Soviet Russia, Soviet China, and the Viet Knog(South Vietnamese who believed in Communim) work to conquer South Vietnam and unite the North and the South into one big Communist country, and spread Communism throughout South-East Asia
  • Friends of South Vietnam

    Friends of South Vietnam
    The U.S., Australia, Thailand, Phillipians, New Zealand, and South Vietnam are trying to prevent the conquerage of South Vietnam (Reupublic) from North Vietnam (Communists). They're also trying to prevent the spread of Communism thoughout South-East Asia.
  • Agent Orange image

    Agent Orange image
  • Period: to

    Rainbow Herbicide Spray Time

    U.S starts spraying Agent Orange and other Herbicides to kill the jungles in Vietnam and prevent agricultural growth for their food. When the U.S. stopped spraying Agent Orange and its brothers, they left a huge impact on the health of Vietnam. Vietnam recieved 180 million dollars for compensation of Agent Orange.
  • Gulf of Tonkin Incident

    Gulf of Tonkin Incident
    North Vietnamese boats fire on three U.S. boats causing a sea battle. This incident is the catalyst of U.S.'s involvment in the Vietnam war.
  • U.S. Troops Deployed to Vietnam

    U.S. Troops Deployed to Vietnam
    On the day of February 9 of 1965 the U.S. deployed troops to Vietnam in Response to the gulf of Tonkin accident.
  • Operation Rolling Thunder Image

    Operation Rolling Thunder Image
  • Period: to

    Operation Rolling Thunder

    An operation initiated by JFK in an attempt to win the war through airpower alone. Operation was several fighter planes dropping carpet bombs wave after wave on enemy bases. (Video Below) operation Rollliing Thunder
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    North Vietnamese troops launch a full scale attack on over 100 of South Vietnamese cities in an effort to downscale the rebellion. U.S. troops and South Vietnamese troops hold off the entire attack and make the Communist troops retreat. Although a battlefield win for the U.S., it sparked more negativity towards the war and is one of the major reasons U.S. troops started going back to the U.S.(Video Below) tet offensive
  • My Lai Massacre Occurs

    My Lai Massacre Occurs
    A group of frustrated U.S. soldiers kill over three hundred unarmed and unresisting citizens in the villages of My Lai and My Khe
  • Operation Rolling Thunder Image 2

    Operation Rolling Thunder Image 2
  • My Lai Massacre known to the public

    My Lai Massacre known to the public
    Time magazine releases and article about the My Lai Massacre, spreading the news nationwide.
  • Lottery Draft Begins

    Lottery Draft Begins
    Lottery draft begins due to there not being enough volunteer soldiers to fight within the Vietnam war.
  • U.S. Troops begin to be pulled out.

    U.S. Troops begin to be pulled out.
    The first of the U.S. soldiers start being pulled out after about six years in Vietnam.
  • U.S. Draft terminated

    U.S. Draft terminated
    U.S. draft terminated due to the American public disliking the draft and showing negativity towards the government.
  • Paris Peace Accords Established

    Paris Peace Accords Established
    This treaty prevented the direct involvment of the U.S. military in Vietnam. Created a ceasefire between South and North Vietnam for a small period of time. (Video Below) Paris Peace Talks
  • Vietnam War ends.

    Vietnam War ends.
    North Vietnam conquers South Vietnam and unites the two countries into one larger country named Vietnam.
  • Last of U.S. troops deployed out of Vietnam

    Last of U.S. troops deployed out of Vietnam
    All U.S. soldiers get to return home due to an unpopular war.
  • Agent Orange Image2

    Agent Orange Image2
  • Impact on the World Today

    Impact on the World Today
    This war sparked American distrust of the government was sparked during this war due to the government trying to cover some things in the war up. This war caused the U.S. draft not to be used again in an unpopular war. This war showed to the world that the U.S. wasn't invincible and could still be taken down and defeated. This war had a partial effect on the dissolution of Russia. Which in turn dealt a severe blow to communism, but didn't stop its spread.
  • Impact on the Vietnam Region Today

    Impact on the Vietnam Region Today
    The U.S. impacted Vietnam's civilians. The troops took several civilian lives and massacred villages based only upon suspicion that someone was hiding in them. This happened on both the North and the South sides of Vietnam. The would leave undetonated but still active bombs throughout Vietnam that are still there today. They also left armed mines. Agent Orange, a toxic gas, affects their agriculture today and causes several issues to both their food supplies and human health.
  • Status of the Vietnam War Today.

    Status of the Vietnam War Today.
    The Vietnam war caused extreme poverty for Vietnam that they're still trying to recover from today.U.S. bombs desimated their basic infrastructure. They remain as one of the poorest countries in this world, It has caused psycological damage to children, veterans, and peoople who witnessed its horrors. Agent Orange has caused some enviromental issues on the Vietnamese enviroment and agriculture and has also caused several health issues that still affect Vietnam today.
  • Status of the Vietnam War Today(con't)

    Status of the Vietnam War Today(con't)
    The war had a staggering death toll of 1.1 million Noth Vietnamese troops and civilians, 200 thousand South vietnamese troops and civilians, and 58 thousand U.S. troops. The war showed to American citizens that they aren't powerless during a war and that they can stand up to the government and make the government listen.