Vietnam war

Vietnam War

  • French Indiochina 1

    France imposes a colonial system over Vietnam, calling it French Indochina. The system includes Tonkin, Annam, Cochin China and Cambodia
  • Ho Chi Minh was born

  • French Indiochina 2

    Laos is added to the French Indochina
  • Ho Chi Minh exile

    He took part in a demonstration against the emperor Boa Dai and the french so he was expelled from school and marked for arrest. He left Vietnam for 30 years because of exile
  • The Petition

    Ho Chi Ming and other vietnameese sent a petition to Wodrow Wilson that the petition of European colonies (that they would have equal weight as their colonizers) would apply to their homeland too. Ho Chi Ming was promised that Wilson would see this petition but there was no evidence that he actually did.
  • Indochinese communis party established

    Ho Chi Minh helped to establish this party
  • France WWII

    When the second world war arrived the French were obligated to leave as their country got taken over by Germany. This lead to the occupation of the Japanese who ruled just as harshly as the French. When America liberated various countries, counting Vietnam, and later defeating the Japanese. Vietnam they felt very grateful, especially the guerilla communist fighter groups who had been fighting and making a revolution for a long time.
  • Allies

    USA was looking for allies behind the lines in vietnam. There they were contacted with Ho Chi Minh and they sent OSS to meet with their leader that was seriously ill. They sent some weapons and supplies to the vietnameese. Viet-American army hoped for the Americans to end this colonization.
  • Period: to

    USA's side

    Once the war was over, the Vietnamese thought they could finally be free but the French demanded back their colony, and USA had to back up France to not allow it to fall into Soviet hands (containment policy). Because of this, the US sent many weapons and supplies to the French to aid them in getting back Vietnam, but the French began to fail and the country fell into a civil war.
  • Nuclear Bomb

    Nuclear bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japanese surrender and vitnamese took their territory.
  • "Independant" Vietnam

    The viernamese thought they were independent because they thought USA would be by their side.
  • Vietnam is Burning

    Coronel Dewey tried to fight with the vietnam people. Sadly he was mistaken by a french man and the vietnamese opened fire. Ho Chi Minh wrote a letter to USA saying they are sorry for the death of Dewey.
  • Giáp

    Ho Chi Minh left to Paris to try to make them keep the promise of more independence for their country. Meanwhile, Giáp took over the communist revolution. The Viet Minh started to kill their own people, now they only fought for the international communist system and killed everyone in disagreement.
  • War

    A fight started between Vietnam and France, Ho Chi Minh went back to the wilderness. They will use guerilla tactics again. "Those who have swords will use swords. Those who have no swords will use spades or sticks".
  • Truman Doctrine

    In an address to Congress, President Harry Truman states that the foreign policy of the United States is to assist any country whose stability is threatened by communism. The policy becomes known as the Truman Doctrine.
  • Russa has the atom secret

    Russa become a nucleat power.
  • Mao Zedong

    Communist China "created". Soon they will start expanding and they granted Ho Chi Minh the supplies and traning he had being seaking. Truman was blamed for losing China
  • South Korea invaded

  • Kenedy

    kenedy went to Vietnam and he could hear the thindering of the guns. The french told him that with american support they could assure the french rule over that colony. Than wasn't what was happening, the french were losing and the vietnamese who admired the americans, now they hated them because of backing up the french. Kennedy decided not to do anything because it would end up in failure.
  • Payement to france and new president

    General Eisenhower was elected president because he promised to take a stronger look of comunism. 30% of the taxes would go to the french in vietnam and later on that number would raise to 80%.
  • The Dirty War

    France has been in war for 7 years and no peacement was achieved. They were promised by a new general that victory was near. Later on the french would see some reports of french brutality in Vietnam and they were horrified. When some soldiers came back they were welcomed with rocks and the people in Paris call this war "The Dirty War"
  • Peace?

    The french said tey were willing to begin some talks to end the fighting in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh agreed to meet. By there were some peace talkings, each side was improoving their position in the battle field. "I have more guns than I need."
  • Period: to

    Divided Vietnam

    North: China
    South: France Britain
  • Period: to

    Vietnam Divided

    With the Vietnamese angry with the US for backing France and the French failing to establish themselves in the territory, while asking for help, the US had to step in and stop the communist Vietnamese revolutionists and to contain communism in Asia (to stop the domino effect from happening). Nevertheless, the French were defeated and the country was divided at the 17th parallel, dividing the country and it’s families.
  • French begging for help

    Vietnamese people were in the mountains "bombarding" the french. The french begged Eisenhower to intervene but he refused to act without congressional approval and support from european allies but Britain said no. Kennedy noticed that Vietnam was fighting for independence and France for containment, independence should be granted to the people. Eisenhower sent more artillery and few men without concentment of the congress. They feared if Vietnam won, the rest of Asia would fall into communism.
  • The french surrendered

  • Elections

    Vietnam divided in the 17th paralel by a demilitarizied zone. There were going to be some elections to reunite both sides of Vietnam that everyone knew Ho Chi minh would win
  • Ngo Dinh Diem

    Nacionalist and democrate. Incredible hate for communism because they buried alive his big brother and nephew. He was mistrusted and the french destested Diem. "He is like a mesias without a message" some americans liked him and others didn't. The 4th of April Eisenhower desided to end the american support towards Diem
  • First President

    Ding said he won by the 98% of the votes. he became the new and first president of Vietnam. The election to reunite the north and south never became true.
  • New South Vietnam

    USA saw South Vietnam as their ofsprig so they decided not to abandon them, Eisenhower sent 1000 men with economic plans to Vietnam because he was sure they could help as they did with the new deal and the dawes plan. Ho Chi Minh was centered into rebuilding Vietnam
  • trying to reunite Vietnam

    Ho Chi minh was determined to reunite Vietnam but he didn't want to atack the south so he decided to send a message to the south saying to avoid violence. That massage also arrived to vietnamese revolusionists who strugled to sourvive under Diem's regime. Diem imprissioned more than 10000 people without trial and executed hundreads more. Communist attacked south vietnam officials and took this matter under their hands.
  • Le Duan

    Le Duan and his allies were gaining influence in the north and they began to change theyr policies. they had to take down Diem by force
  • .

    Everybode rouse up against the violent ragime. The first 2 american men were killed
  • Kennedy Preseident

    Kennedy was elected president. 6 weeks after, some representatives met to create a organazation to stop Ngo Dinh Diem, this organazation would be called the National Liberation Front. The armed wing of the NLF was called the People's Liberation Armed Force but for their enemies they were Communist Traitors to the Vietnamese Nation or the Viet Cong.
  • Pacification

    Build schools, reads and vaccinating children. They controles the day but the night was another story. The vietmen began to ambush and destroy some things the french did, as a revange, the french soldiers went to the nearest village and burn homes, rape women and execute men.
  • Everything was a chaos

    "I saw somebody that looked like my dad hitting somebody who looked like me! Whose side would I be on?”