Vietnam war

Vietnam War

  • Northern Vietnamese invasion of Laos

    Norh Vietnam invade Laos in order to establish an invasion route to South Vietnam
  • The national liberation front is formed in south vietnam(NLF, Vietcong)

  • LBJ visits saigon Vietnam

    LBJ visists Ngo Dinh Diem and declares him an ally of the U.S.
  • Kennedy's "Line in the sand"

    In order to preserve U.S. Credibility and claim a victory over communism, Kennedy decides to aid Northern Vietnam in communist resistance
  • Sabotage

    U.S. employs a herbicide, agent ornage, to render roads in vietnam useless
  • Vietcong victory

    Vietcong forces defeat a much larger southern vietnam force which suggested that Ngo Dinh Diem was incompetent
  • Brutality against buddhists

    Southern Vietnamese soldiers fire upon Buddhist as a result of government policies
  • Suicidal Demonstrations

    Buddhist monks held demonstrations of self immolations in South Vietnam. U.S. starts do separate itself from Diem.
  • AVRN Pagoda Raids

    AVRN forces, loyal to Diem, raided Buddhist Pagodas, killing hundreds
  • Disengagement

    John Kennedy withdraws 1,000 troops from vietnam
  • execution

    The united states "allows" Ngo Dinh Diem to be executed in a coup along with his brother
  • LBJ Presidency

    LBJ is elected president
  • LBJ expands the war

    LBJ overturns Kennedy's withdrawl policy by expanding the war
  • LBJ Covert Ops

    Johnson sanctions covert operations to sabotage an already weak southern vietnam economy and to secure northern vietnam
  • Increasing Military

    By the end of 1963, there are 16,000 military personel in vietnam
  • VC intel

    U.S. and South Vietnam forces learn of a Vietcong attack and desperately need forces to fend off the incoming attack
  • Increasing forces

    5,000 troops are sent to vietnam
  • Gulf of Tonkin

    Hostile Northern Vietnam forces attack U.S. ships sitting in the Gulf of Tonkin
  • Period: to

    Winter offensive

    Vietcong organized attacks on Vietnam which lead to over 200 U.S. casualties
  • Operation Rolling Thunder

    Sustained bombing of North Vietnam started by america
  • Landing

    U.S. troops land in Vietnam
  • Debate

    A war debate is held in Washington D.C. with Radio and T.V. coverage
  • Sit-in

    The first sit in of the war takes place at the university of michigan
  • Johnson's speech

    Johnson offered economic aid to northern vietnam if military action was halted
  • Break-in

    Anti- U.S. demonstration leads to Break in at the U.S. embassy in Budapest Hungary
  • Battle of Song Be

    Rendered 2 South Vetnam batallions inneffective
  • Berkely

    30,000 people attend a teach in at berkely
  • 7th airborne battalion destroyed

    Vietcong attack neutralizes the best airborne batallion in South Vietnam
  • Escalation

    LBJ makes the decision to escalate the Vietnam war
  • Police threats

    Protesters in Oakland, California end a protest in order to avoid confrontation with the police
  • Operation Starlight

    The first major military action by the U.S. when over 5,000 marines destroyed a Vietcong base
  • Cease-fire

    Non communist forces held a 3 and a half day ceasefire as part as a physchological warfare tactic
  • Operation White Wing

    U.S. soldiers and Vietnamese soldiers combine to launch several succesful search and destroy missions in amphibious missions as well as ground missions
  • Draftcard Burning

    In a new york Protest 200 draft cards are burned
  • Spring Mobilization Comitee to end the War in Vietnam

    300,000 people protest in New York and California
  • Battle of Que son

    114 U.S. soldiers are killed in Que Son valley
  • Communist forces weakening

    It is announced that communist are no longer able to compose a significant offense to combat non-communist forces
  • Tet Offensive

    North Vietnamese and Vietcong combine to attack South vietnamese towns/cities
  • U.S. brutality

    U.S. soldiers attack civilians in the town of Mai Lai
  • Johnson's announcement

    Johnson announces that he is stepping down as president and not running for re-election
  • peace talks

    Paris Peace accord talks begin
  • Nixon elected

    Richard Nixon is elected president
  • Rising U.S. occupation

    over half a million soldiers in Vietnam
  • Cambodian bombings

    The U.S. secretly starts bombing cambodia
  • Withdrawl

    President Nixon begins the withdrawl of U.S. troops
  • Protest

    The largest anti-war demonstration takes place in Washington D.C.
  • Ho Chi Minh

    Ho Chi Minh a key figure in the Vietcong dies at age 79 in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Cambodia

    US troops enter Cambodia under President Nixon's orders
  • Kent State

    4 students are killed protesting the Vietnam War
  • Laos

    The united states invaded Laos as a strategic cover for the withdrawl of U.S. forces
  • Eastern Offensive

    Northern Vietnamese forces attack Southern Vietnam
  • Paris Peace Accords

    The Paris Peace Accords are signed which ends U.S. involvement and a temporary stop to the fighting between North and South Vietnam
  • Assault

    Northern Vietnam Launches an series of attacks on South Vietnam
  • Surrender

    South Vietnam Surrenders after Northern Vietnamese forces capture Saigon, Vietnam
  • Unification

    The socialist republic of vietnam is formed