Vietnam War

By nbr1867
  • Beginning of War: Before it all Started

    Beginning of War: Before it all Started
    Communists like Ho Chi Minh return to Vietnam, he was out of Vietnam for 30 years. Makes a organization called Viet Minh. This is the beginning of the Vietnam War.
  • Independence

    Viet Minh announced the vietnam Democratic Republic as an independent state and sought recognition from the US, UK, Soviet Union and China, but France was determined to hold on to their colonies in Indochina. The US did not recognize this independence due to their policy to contain communism.
  • Japanese Power

    Japanese Power
    Japanese come into Vietnam and sweep out the French rule. When the Japanese did this, they are simultaneously putting Emperor Bao Dai into power in Vietnam for the south.
  • Hiroshima

    The US drops the first atomic bomb, they drop it in Hiroshima. The bomb was so devastating, it killed nearly 75,000 people. This effected Japan's power in Vietnam.
  • Nagasaki

    The US drop another atomic bomb in Japan, they dropped it in Nagasaki, it was just as devastating as Hiroshima. This ends WWII.
  • Japanese Revolt

    Japanese Revolt
    Ho Chi Minh, the leader of Viet Minh revolt against the power of the Emperor Bao Dai. This leader was selected by the Japanese carefully.
  • Surrender

    Emperor Bao Dai surrenders to Ho Chi Minh, and the Viet Minh. This will eventually put the Viet Minh into power in Vietnam.
  • Democratic Republic of Vietnam

    Democratic Republic of Vietnam
    Viet Minh proclaim they have made the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. They make Hanoi its capital. They also appoint Ho Chi Minh to be the president. No other countries acknowledge this act.
  • Viet Minh Victory

    Viet Minh Victory
    War broke out between the Viet Minh and French, America president decided to help French, also at that time the US was involved in the Cold War with communist, US gave French money to help them win the war, but it didn't matter because the Viet Minh won in Northern Vietnam.
  • French Aid

    French Aid
    The French came back to help South Vietnam and fight the Viet Minh and North Vietnam, the French established their rule there also.
  • First Battles

    First Battles
    After Vietnam declared their independence with the French fail. French armed forces seized Haiphong and Langson. (Initiated the Vietnam war). Communists in the North begin fighting France for control of Vietnam.
  • The war has begun

    The war has begun
    Full out war has broken out in Vietnam now, it is between the French, and North Vietnam, including Viet Minh.
  • France's Territory

    France's Territory
    France establishes the state of Vietnam in the southern half of the country. This gives them control and more leverage against the North.
  • China gives aid

    China gives aid
    Viet Minh is running low on supplies, so they get help, and supplies from China. China will help North Vietnam throughout the war.
  • US Aid

    US Aid
    The US is getting involved in the Vietnam War now. They have pledged $15 million to the French to aid them while fighting the Viet Minh.
  • Ho Chi Minh

    Ho Chi Minh
    Ho Chi Minh becomes leader of Dang Lao Dong Vietnam, the Vietnam Workers Party, in the north.
  • War Treaty

    War Treaty
    French and Viet Minh sign a treaty dividing Vietnam into North and South, communist North Vietnam and non communist South Vietnam, but US supported the South with money.
  • Control

    Viet Minh and French troops fight for French control post. Viet Minh win but suffer major losses, around 8,000 troops. The French have just lost a crucial battle in the Vietnam War
  • Geneva Conference

    Geneva Conference
    Geneva Conference agree to split Vietnam at Seventeenth Parallel. (Communist North and Anti Communist South.)
  • Battles of Dien Bien Phu

    Battles of Dien Bien Phu
    The battles of Dien Bien Phu results in serious defeat for the French and peace talk in Geneva. The Geneva Accord and the French Indochina War.
  • New Republic

    New Republic
    South Vietnam has declared itself a new republic. They call themselves the Republic of Vietnam. They decide to elect Ngo Dinh Diem as their president he was also Anticommunist.
  • Reunification

    An election was supposed to be held for reunification of Vietnam. US thought that it would give too much power for the Communist Party of Vietnam.
  • Ho Chi Minh Trail

    Ho Chi Minh Trail
    North Vietnamese unit, Group 559, make a supply route throughout Vietnam to keep a constant flow of supplies coming in. Known as the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
  • National Liberation Front

    National Liberation Front
    South Vietnam has created a front to protect themselves from North Vietnam. Its called the National Liberation Front (NLF), also known as Viet Cong
  • More Aid

    More Aid
    The US continued to increase its support of South Vietnam, sending economic aid. The US was doing all they could to stop the spread of communism in Vietnam by stopping the North.
  • Gulf of Tonkin

    Gulf of Tonkin
    The Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred on this day. This was a crucial part of the Vietnam War. It gave broad congressional expansion for the Vietnam War.
  • Rolling Thunder

    Rolling Thunder
    Viet Cong attacked US Pleiku Air Base 8 Americans were killed, weeks after the attack, President Johnson authorized an air boom attack in North Vietnam, codename Rolling Thunder
  • American Troops

    American Troops
    Americans, 3,500 marines took foot in the Vietnam mainland to start giving ground aid to the South Vietnamese. This is one of the first times that the US sent troops into Vietnam.
  • The Draft

    The Draft
    President Johnson announced that the Americans will have drafts and send army troops over to Vietnam. Anyone adult male could be selected in the draft.
  • Nguyen Van Thieu

    Nguyen Van Thieu
    Nguyen Van Thieu has taken over as president for South Vietnam.
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    Viet Cong set and attack at different places in south vietnam which was called the Tet Offensive.
  • Retreating

    This is the first time that President Nixon has ordered for troops to be pulled out of Vietnam. More and more troops will continue to be pulled out.
  • Ho Chi Minh

    Ho Chi Minh
    Ho Chi Minh has died today. He died at the age of 79. He was very influential in the Vietnam War.
  • Easter Offensive

    Easter Offensive
    The North Vietnamese have crossed the 17th parallel, crossing into South Vietnam. This zone was a demilitarized zone. This became known as the Easter Offensive
  • Paris Peace Accords

    Paris Peace Accords
    U.S and Viet Cong sign the Paris Peace Accords which means that there would be peace now, but after the U.S. left Viet Cong attacked the south which came to the failed of Saigon, that's why Saigon now is Ho Chi Minh City.
  • An end for the US

    An end for the US
    All of the American troops have now been pulled out of Vietnam. For the United States, the war is now over.
  • North Vietnamese Success

    North Vietnamese Success
    North Vietnam now can gain complete control over South Vietnam. They launch a massive assault on South Vietnam to try to gain control of the South. They are successful.
  • The War is Over

    The War is Over
    South Vietnam have officially surrendered to North Vietnam, and this has ended the war. The North communists have won the war.