Victoria's Life

  • BIrth

    I was born in Canon City Colorado. July 15th, 1999. I was born to Andrea M. Horn.
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  • Mother Passed Away

    My mother passed away on May 28th, 2005. She commited suicide.
  • Father

    Around this time was the first time I had moved in with my dad. He had never been in my life up until this point.
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  • High School

    This was around the time of my first day of highschool. First day of Freshman Year. I started at Salida High School. I remember being very nervous! But it was one of my favorite years of high school.
  • Moving Day

    Around this time is when I moved to Canon City. I was born here, but I had not lived here until right before I turned 15.
  • Permit

    I got my drivers permit, and started driving legaly.
  • License

    Got my Drivers License Today. NOw I am free to drive alone whenever and wherever.
  • Graduate

    Today I graduate High School after 4 years.
  • Technical Adult

    I turn 18 on July 15th, 2017. And become a legan adult citizen.
  • College

    I start College today.
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  • Get married

    Today I get married for the first time.
  • Bun In The Oven

    I will become pregnant with my first Child.
  • Alex Drea

    My first Child is born. A baby girl. I named her Alex Drea.
  • First House

    Bought my first house.
  • Second Child

    I had my second child! Another girl
  • Third Child

    Had my 3rd Child. This time a baby boy.
  • Second House

    Second House bought!
  • First Child Graduates

    Alex graduated!
  • Graduation #2

    Second Child Graduated
  • GMA!

    Became a Grandmother. Alex had twins! Two boys.

    Alex had a baby girl.
  • Die

    I died on Friday the 13th.