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Vaul (Disc 1)

By Vaul
  • The Fall of the Dwarves

    The Fall of the Dwarves
  • Walpurgis night

    Walpurgis night
  • The Capture of Beausang

    The Capture of Beausang
    2200, date changed for visual integrity A group of goody-two-shoes campaigners known as the "Light bringers" capture Beausang and lock him in the dungeons beneath the Great Cathedral in Namburg. Decades later he would be moved to a mountain hideout to create the Necrophage. The party have never clarified who the members of the Lightbringers were , but heard the name in passing from both Beausang and others.
  • Throkk is taken

    Throkk is taken
    2235, date changed for visual integrity
  • Redrot first appears in Clan Skarsnik hold

    Redrot first appears in Clan Skarsnik hold
    Appears midway through 2247
  • Celeste Leaves home

    Celeste Leaves home
    2249, date changed for visual integrity
  • Ernodal is exiled

    Ernodal is exiled
  • Gritgoz Leaves the Mountain

    Gritgoz Leaves the Mountain
    2249, date changed for visual integrity
    -Grotlix leaves a few hours before him
  • The Fairharbour incident

    The Fairharbour incident
    -Throkk, Tulip, Ernodal and Gritgoz meet for the first time and join Luca aboard the walrus
    -A close encounter with undead beings in the tavern
    -The Walrus narrowly escapes the jetty
  • The Walrus is attacked

    The Walrus is attacked
    -A Korven from the depths, a creature of myth attacks the Walrus, shattering it. Episode 1
    -The party are impressed by dynamic maps
    -Death of Kristoff
  • Tulip Falls Asleep

    Tulip Falls Asleep
    Stalked by the Dreameater, tulip falls into a deep nightmare, to be woken only by the timely prayers of Celeste and Luca
  • The Gang arrive at Vicetina

    The Gang arrive at Vicetina
    -Party met Tilda Benigo of the Sentinels
    - Maria the captain of the guards
    -Later jumped by Baron in an alley, and left no evidence probably
    -Gritgoz met with Doctor Max/Eleri and learned more of Redrot's origins
    -Ernodal sought (And sort of) received aid from Ali Goran
  • The Gang meet Lorenzo

    The Gang meet Lorenzo
    -Company take a contract from Lorenzo to investigate the emerald wode crisis with the Green knights
    -Counter offer from Giovanni
    -Tulip accepts Giovanni's ring
  • The Emerald Wode

    The Emerald Wode
    The Gang ( currently known as the Iron stars) head to the emerald wode to sort out a marauding force of Dog men , "The Skoll". The encounter the Green knights, and learn of Lady duskthorn
  • The Skoll, Lady Duskthorn

    The Skoll, Lady Duskthorn
    -Discovery of the rot at the heart of the wood
    -Varying degrees of friendly green knights
    -Lady Duskthorn talked down by Celeste and as a result the party gets first mention of the Herald
    -Battle with the mutated Skoll, Grull 'One Hand' installed as Chief
  • Dream Eater Slain

    Dream Eater Slain
    -We learn the Herald may have awoken this ancient creature
    -The players are astonished by isometric loveliness
    -The gang have fun with the sleep stalkers brew, disregarding the medical warnings
    -Dream eater slain, dream connection forged between the party
  • Tasked to rescue Denes

    Tasked to rescue Denes
    Lorenzo congratulates the gang for saving the city from the Dream eater, and asks they find his missing friend, Denes
  • Vicetina Riots, Zombies

    Vicetina Riots, Zombies
    - Returned victorious having having slew the Dreameater and tasked with rescuing Denes, Detective Mario attempts to grab the Gang.
    -They flee through the sewers, and in doing so uncover a chamber full of zombies - something is rotten in the state of vicetina!
    (They had recently found graves freshly exhumed in the Namtharite cemetery)
    - The party escape through sewers as they swim to freedom and
  • The Tower and Taahir

    The Tower and Taahir
    -Throkk Meets penelope, finds Chernobog
    -Rescue the guide who can lead them to Denes from a magical beach holiday, warns to avoid fog ( later almost die from foglet attack)
    -"negotiate" the ownership of the wizards tower
  • Ending the Necrophage: Beausang's rescue, Denes Death

    Ending the Necrophage: Beausang's rescue, Denes Death
    -The party discover Denes laboratory - using the blood of the elder vampire Beausang.
    -The party free Beausang, slay Denes , and murder steelskin, forever ending a complex and well written NPCS tragic story arc before it every began
    - The chaos of potions blackens throkks veins, cause his beard to be ginger and Ernodal to lay a golden egg
  • Tulip Receives the Gift

    Tulip Receives the Gift
    A reward from Beausand, Tulip can now experience the memories of the dead by eating their flesh
  • The Gyspy Caravan

    The Gyspy Caravan
    -The gang spend an evening with roving gypsies
    -Throkk urinates on the important plot foreshadowing contained withing the specifically chosen and difficult to source IRL tarot cards
    - Stampede occurs, rescue child, heroes++
    -Krek adopted with a keen animal handling roll
  • Making a Murderer

    Making a Murderer
    The Gang are framed for Lorenzos murder:
    - Goblin is the perfect scapegoat but who noticed Gritgoz so early?
    - The Doppleganger "Dave" mimicked gritgoz after shaking his hand
    - Gritgoz's scimitar was used as evidence
    - Tulips ring, presented as evidence that Giovanni was behind it
    -Baron,Dr Max presented evidence against the party
    -Multiple witnesses claim they incited a riot ( true tbh)
    - Somebody got away with it?
  • Lady Duskthorn slain

    Lady Duskthorn slain
    -Throkk used Sephiroth leap!
    -Its super effective! -Gaia's Edge recovered from the altar
    -The party learn of Luca's imprisonment and (mostly) head back to Vicetina to save him
  • The rescue of Luca Blackwell

    The rescue of Luca Blackwell
    -Allied with Klaus Moradi, an (verbose)old friend and ally of Luca's
    -Conspired with Conan the librarian in the jailbreak
    -Rescued Luca with the brilliant plan
    -Jeremiah Trope sacrifices himself to help escape.
    -Fled through the city streets on horseback
    -Standoff with Kharn on the bridge
    -Commandeered the fishing vessel 'Salty Bard' and fled Vicetina
  • Enter the Donkey boys

    Enter the Donkey boys
    -We should have left the Skoll eat those donkeys
    -The true heroes of the story?
  • The Witch Trials

    The Witch Trials
    -They may have had a point, the woman set on fire summoned a Chort, which was later defeated by the party
    -Gritgoz bites off more than he can chew with a cursed chort eye
    -The donkey boys apparently adopted by Luca and Klaus, who set off together northwards
  • In the presence of the herald

    In the presence of the herald
    -Witnessed a massive dragon leave the volcano
    -Met the Herald for the first time, he seemed not to recognize Ernodal and fled the scene
    -A younger dragon defeated by the party thanks to the timely intervention of Alistair Bentbuck
  • The gang meet Alistair

    The gang meet Alistair
    Captured while raiding the dragons horde, the party encounter this handsome silver tongued thief just as they battle the red dragon pup.
    - picker
    - grinner
    - lover
    - sinner
  • Troll Bridge

    Troll Bridge
    -The shop steward Pombero is consulted
    -Tulip agrees to write a song to promote the bridge in exchange for passage, the party pass without conflict
    -The party meets Madga, an information broker
  • An Audience with the Khan

    An Audience with the Khan
    -The party win favour with the Khan
    -Throkk becomes a pit fighter for the day, and doesn't take kindly to being spat on
    -We learn more of Tulips past as a circus performer
    -Benedict Wong's likeness is used without clearance
  • The Black Sails

    The Black Sails
    -Equally competent campaigners, potential allies or rivals
    -Throkk breaks the hands of the pugalist from Tulips past after some misunderstood horseplay
    - The gang learn they took the gig shipping the plum wine and got $$$
    -Stand off when hunting within the wyrm, the gang send them fleeing
  • The Great Hunt

    The Great Hunt
    -Three of the party show huge balls
    - Rivals are made of another competing adventuring party
    -The hunting contest is won by Sub Optima
  • The 'Liberation' of Bleakbarrow

    The 'Liberation' of Bleakbarrow
    -The party discover the blinded village
    -They travel to the Medusa's tower, learn the terrible history between her and the Khan
    -No choice but to fight and destroy her
    -Some lucky petrification rolls
    -Gritgoz manages to heal the villagers in an unconventional manner
    -The party advises the villagers to leave and head south, far from the Khan's influence
  • The burning of the Elven city, Mylatheas

    The burning of the Elven city, Mylatheas
    Red dragon razed city to ground under Heralds Orders
  • Period: to

    Memory gap in the tower

    Attacked by the eye golem upon entering the tower, the party were held captive by Maggie with their memories on Ice until Maggie attempted to eat Ernodals soul and the trauma broke the spell, giving the party a change to regroup
  • The Memory Wizard

    The Memory Wizard
    -Spell broken due to our captor finding something distasteful about Ernodals mind
    -The party realise that they have been unconscious for some time
    - Maggie left early without doing much (Just like the real one)
  • Subject 59 Discovered

    Subject 59 Discovered
    -Discovered Jatz in a pit beneath the tower
    -Convinced him to aid in the curing of redrot
    -Ambushed by Gritgoz's brother Grotlix and fought them back
    -Retreated within the tower and successfully discovered a treatment for Redrot (Still a work in progress)
    -Returned to Elf settlement and find them suffering with Redrot
    -Standoff between Throkk and Gritgoz
    -Alistair attempts goblet thievery (The sweetest of all thieveries)
  • The Winding path: Battle in the Passion pit

    The Winding path: Battle in the Passion pit
    -Fight with Bone Dragon, Celeste get trapped on the other side of the portal through no fault of her own
    -Party follows through using Ernodal as navigator
    -Find the other half of bone dragon but no Celeste
    -Attempt to jump onwards to Porte Verde
    -Ernodal had difficulty traversing the winding path,we get to visit a few cool places and kidnap Kharn
    -Accidentally end up in a demon fighting pit and well... we all know what happened there (See event screenshot)
    -Arrive in Porte Verde and sample fish
  • Celeste is lost

    Celeste is lost
    Swallowed by a bone dragon, a victim of her own hubris and probably red wine
  • Porta Verde

    Porta Verde
    Smells of fish, but so far so good
  • A Brew (Haha)

    A Brew (Haha)
    After arriving in Porto Verde
    -A ring is hire purchased by Alistair
    -The party goes for pints to cement their bond
    -Throkk learns more of his Orcish heritage
    -A job is taken purely to spite the Black Sails
    -Kharn and Jatz make awkward conversation
    -An Alcomancer is shooed out of a basement and goes on piss with Bentbuck
  • The Morning After

    The Morning After
    -Everyone wakes up hungover
    -The black sails learn that they suck, it is revealed Tulip used to run with them
    -It seems Korven has been raiding the coast
    -The gang takes a job from the flotilla captains
    -A stealthy mission is undertaken for once, Goro's disagreement with the Namtharites becomes apparent
    -The party begin to investigate the rift at the centre of Porte Verde
  • Chortle Power

    Chortle Power
    -The hero of the Tortle people is slain by the villain Klaus Moradi using a tower(The party is renamed 'Chortle's Pals')
    -The team fight their way through the Forte Verde ruins
    -Two priceless statues are vandalised
    -The team aren't as speedy or stealthy as they would like, and are attacked underwater by a homebrew aquatic beastie
  • Fallen Hero

    Fallen Hero
    -The party defeat the Dragon Eel with relative ease and pursue it further into the cave system
    -They discover a Nihileth at the heart of the temple complex
    -The fiend revealed his aid had been sought by the Herald but he refused.
    -Spoke of his desire to commandeer the 'Vessels' of the Herald's gods
    -A mad rat achieved his destiny
    -Alastair and Throkk are mind controlled
    -Celeste pays the ultimate price
    -The party enshrine her, sword in hand and defeated foes at her feet in the centre of temple
  • Loose ends

    Loose ends
    -The party return to the surface and slay the deep ones with the help of the city guard
    -Gritgoz insults some public servants
    -The Shogan agrees to re-open the port and tells the party what he knows of the Herald's plans and location. He is also warned about Redrot
    -Throkk misunderstands how deposits work
    -Alaistair's debt is paid
    -Kharn is informed of the Heralds true plans
    -The gang decide to use the tower to travel the winding path
    -Erodal successfully navigates the tower east of south hallow
  • Tree of Memory

    Tree of Memory
    -Coffee is enjoyed by all
    -The gang meet a strange hatted man on the road, who is annoyingly quiet about his Dreadswamp knowledge
    -In South Hallow, Special K(evin) is introduced, he is this close to blowing the whole thing wide open man!
    -Ernie has a discussion with Ali
    -Magda advises caution, Gritgoz takes her amulet
    -Throkk finds grisly remains in a familiar tree, learning a terrible truth about his past...
    -The party decide to throw caution to the wind and assault the Namtharite fortification
  • End of disc 1

    End of disc 1
    -The gang put the optima in sub optima and defeat what remains of the garrison
    -They learn about Ashenkirk, the judge programme and the Dread Swamp in the records
    -Throkk attempts to use the mutagen infuser to augment his power. Process is interrupted by Alastair
    -Gritgoz tells Alastair he will keep quiet if he explains how he learned to speak Goblin. However he is so enraged at the answer that he tells Throkk everything
    -Alastair deftly evades the party and flees