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  • jamestown

    jamestown was the first permanent english settlement in north america.
  • the mayflower compact

    this was an agreement between the people to make rules to help them survive
  • first great awakening

    this inspired religious freedom and informed people that everyone is equal
  • french and indian war

    the french and british were fighting for the ohio river valley, it had trade and access to the mississippi river
  • boston massacre

    the british soldiers shot the colonist because they were getting angry and crispus attuck was the first casualty
  • battles of lexington and concord

    first battle of the american revolution
  • declaration of independence

    written to declare independence from britain and to list grievances
  • articles of confederation was created

    gave little power to the federal government
  • treaty of paris

    ended the revolution and the colonist won
  • constitutional convention

    the purpose of this was to make amends to the constitution
  • 1st president

    the first president of the united states was george washington
  • age if jackson

    andrew jackson was the 7th president and made it possible for all white men go vote
  • seneca falls convention

    this convention was when women got together and demanded that they have equal rights
  • abraham lincoln

    lincoln was elected in 1860
  • battle of fort sumter

    the first battle of the civil war
  • surrender at appomattox

    the confederate states surrendered to the union
  • assassination of abraham lincoln

    lincoln was assassinated while watching a play after the civil war ended