Valentina Timeline

  • Game bombs

    After opening the gifts the day before, my friends and I decided to have a water party, at the end of the game we ate empanadas with cocacola.
    I was 9 years old and I only thought about playing
  • New member

    New member
    I found a cat in a thin dirty cardboard box.
    I took him home and gave him food, then he started playing and we bought him milk.
    his name is felix,it's full of love
  • My Graduation

    I was 17 years old
    I was very happy to graduate from high school
    accompanied by my family
    Then I thought to continue studying in the career of psychology and currently I study it
  • My art

    I started making art in pictures to decorate my room.
    I feel happy when I paint because I feel free expressing my ideas in drawings
    I like art
    and I practice it in my free time