• jamestown, virgina

    jamestown became the first english settlement that was founded. its important because this is how america got started
  • Mayflower

    the pilgrims sign the Mayflower Compact
  • colonies unite

    This is important because we become one untied nation
  • Stamp Act

    "No taxation without representation," Colonist vocalize their opposition to the tax.
    Its important so the people did not just get their mony taken away from them with out knowing what its going towards and so their money can also help better the people lives.
  • boston massacre

    5 colonist were killed by the british. the british open fired for no reason. when should the people trust the if they will shoot them
  • Boston tea party

    the tea party showed that the people wanted to be free
  • Open Rebellion

    King George III proclaimed the American colonies to be in open rebellion.
  • battle of lexington and concord

    it sparked the revolution that us lead to our freedom
  • Declaration

    In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Continental Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence.
    Its important beacuse the Americas were free and independent from rule of the British.
  • the war end

    we gained freedom