french and indian war 1754-1763

  • FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR 1754 -1763

    FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR 1754 -1763
    did what -The 13 Colonies had been left alone for a century to grow economically, religiously, politically and socially.
    british pupose- forced the French to leave Fort Duquesne.
    colonist reaction-they where exsited about geting new land.
  • proclamation of 1763

    proclamation of 1763
    did what-Britain wanted to avoid conflict with Native Americans
    british pupose-British Army stationed in the colonies
    colonist reaction-Colonists were forbidden to cross Appalachian Mountains.
  • treaty of paris 1763

    treaty of paris 1763
    Britain claimed all land east of the Mississippi River.
    War was costlycolonist began to settle in the Ohio River Valley.
    Native Americans responded by attacking colonists
  • sugar act 1764

    sugar act 1764
    Tax on sugar and molasses
    Did not affect many, but the idea of taxes a growing issue
    colonist wher very very angry.
    british was the ones howw put htis on.
  • stamp act of 1765

    stamp act of 1765
    Stamp Act Congress formed to organize boycott.
    Tax on legal documents, newspapers, wills, and basically every piece of paper used.colonist did not like this at all.
  • writs of assistance 1767

    writs of assistance 1767
    Customs officers could search ships at will.
    Few colonists affected, but merchants felt this was an invasion of privacy. some colonist did not like this.
  • townshend acts 1767

    townshend acts 1767
    Tax on various household items such as paper, glass, lead, silk, and tea.Colonists boycott through the non-importation agreement
    Eventually repealed.
  • boston massacure

    was when colonist met british solgiers at boston coustom. when british solgiers fierd at the colonist for tounting them. 8 of the colonist where killed.
  • quartering acts 1770

    quartering acts 1770
    Colonists had to provide food, housing, blankets, candles, etc. for the British soldiers.british did this to save money for the war and battels. colonist did not like this.
  • boston tea party

    sons of liberty dumped 90,000 pounds of tea into the harber. reaction was intolaberl acts.
  • tea act boston tea act

    boston tea party on december 16 1773 they dumped 90,000 pounds of tea in the boston. they dressed up as indians but they where colonist.
  • intolerbale acts

    the intolerbale acts where the name for laws that where passed by the the british the colonist where outraged resenstince in the therteen colonies that later became the united states and wher inportant to the amarican revoulution.
  • 1 conintinetal congress

    the cotanenchel congress was a convention of delegates called togather from mthe therteen colonies that became that became the governing body of the united states.
  • battels of lexington and concord

    700 troops reached lexington 70 milita men where waiting.british orderd milita to drop there weponds but they opended fire and killed 8 milita men. british marched into concord destoring supplies.
  • battle of ticorongrea

    the capucher of ticrogrea took place during the amarican revoulution on may 10th when small forces of the malitia men took conons and suplies from the british.
  • bunker hill

    battle betrween british and colonist to gain more land .dont shoot till you see the whites of there eyes. it was the battle for more land.
  • 2nd contenichel congress

    they created the olive branch penchen to declare there loyelty but to ask for repeal of the intolerbal acts they also astablished the cotonsthial army.
  • give me liberty speach

    british helped form tolerbale acts british pupose send more troops and increased restruction colonist contined to train to hope to push the british out the first battle
  • declartion of independents

    voiced the reasend to separte from great britin it was brocken up into 5 parts liberty bell was rang july 8th to celerate
  • common sence published

    common sence was wrote by thomas pain to make the colonist mad it was what he thought about in his novel.
  • battle of new york

    british wanted to capture new york city attaced whashingtons army whashington got away he was very ineresed by the loss in the battle.
  • battle of trenton

    whashington launched an a suprise attake and he captured 800 hessians prisoners without lossing any men
  • battle of princenton

    whasington captured 300 more british soljiers at priencton british will stay whasington will stay threw out the winters.
  • battle of sarentoga

    british genral burgoyne planned to cut off england from the rest of the 13 colonies. daniel morgam and the colonist had another idea genral heratio gets sourenderd burgoyes the remaning forces sourenderd it was the turning point in the war
  • winter at vally forge

    whashington and his men spent the long cold winter of 1777 and 1778 in vally forge pennsilvania troops wher desprate for food and warm clothing.
  • battle of york town

    british lord cornwallice moved his troops to virgina time for greorg to set up a trape the double spy gave whashington a word about french battle ships. corn wallice sourenderd on 1781. amaricans won there independence.
  • treaty of paris

    great britin reconized the united states as an independent nation united states gaind all land east of the missisipie river us return all property taken from loyelest.