The Road to the Constitution

  • Jun 15, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Description- A Document thats was forced on the King of England to limit his power and give rights to the people on England. It was sighned by king John and it allowd citizens to have a trile by jury.
    Significance-This lead to constitional law which was used in the colonies.
  • Mayflower compact

    Mayflower compact
    This Document was the forst goverment set up in the area of the curnent united state. It was sighned by 41 colonists. The porpose was to make sure disagrements and fights didn't occure between pylgams and puritans. This was important because this was the very first goverment set up in the new world and amost other goverments based themselfs off of that.
  • Petition of Rights

    This document Definged the Rights of the subject to the Brittish Crown. Rights such as taxes can only be made by paralment, and that you must go threw the legal system before getting punishment.
  • The English bill of Rights

    The English bill of Rights
    Description- The English Parlement wrote this document which made the monarch share power and allowed religious freedom but did not allow non-protostants on the throne. Some rights included allowing the people to vote for members in parlement. Also anther right is Protostants may bare arms to defend one self.
  • French and indian War

    French and indian War
    This war incuded Britain vs France. zzzthe war started because of disputes over land in and around the Ohio river Valley. This area was important because it had many resorses. Some Major Battles in the war were the battle of Fort William and Henrey, Battle of Fort Ticonderoga, and Battle of fort Frontenac. The Brittish won the war but in result taxes went up to pay for it. Ultimatly the colonist did not like the war.
  • Albany plan of Union

    Albany plan of Union
    This was a plan was created by benjamin Franklin to unite the colonies under one central goverment. This plan was adopted durring the Albany Congress. The congress only had represenitives for seven colonies. It did not become a realitly. This was segnificant because this was the first time anyone has truly tried to united the colonies under one goverment. It Basicly got people to think about separating from britain.
  • King George takes power

    King George takes power
    He came into power after the death of George 2nd. e would later be responible for loseing british America. This was significant because he would make the colonist want to revolt durring th french and indian war and make the United states. Things like raiseing taxes in the colonies and making colonist fight.
  • Stamp act

    Stamp act
    All kinds of paper, leagal document ect. were taxed. This wasnt much of big addition to taxes but it offended many colonist. This was sigificant because it made the colonist even more mad. The Viginia House of Burgesses declared that the colonist had the same rights as the british.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    This was a build up of anger from boston citizens when the birtish pass the townshead acts(tax increasses).Boston Citizens decide to go to the Customs House in Boston to protest the acts. They threw rocks and snow at the british solders causing them to fire on the crowd with out their oficers consent. Five colonist where killed. This was significatnt because this was the first time people were killed in the revolution.
  • Intolerable Acts

    They were acts passes by Britain in response to Colonist revolting such as the Boton Tea party. Some acts incude The Boston Port Act, Quartering Act, the Quebec Act. and the Massachusetts Government Act. The significance of this was that they really fired up the colonist and lead to the first Contonetal Congress.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    This was a midnight raid on a ship in the boston harbor which was cairring tea. The colonist threw 342 chest of tea into the ocean to protest the british tea monopoly. The group resposible for the raid where known as Sons of Liberty. The british repond with the Coercive Acts. which punishes the colonies.
  • First Cotinental Congress

    This was a group of men for all of the colonies exept for georga. It was in response to the Intolorible acts from britain. Some of the famous people involved wer Samual Adams, George washington, and Patrick Henrey. It was held in Philadelphia. This is segnificant because it was the first time most of the colonies come together to opose british rule togher.
  • Lexigton and Concord

    Lexigton and Concord
    Battle Dramatization This was where the Shot Heard around the world phrase came from. It was the cause of the start of the American Revolutionary War. The Major Generals involved were Captain John Parker, and Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith. Paul Revere Warned the the towns between Lexigton and Boston that "the british were coming".
  • Second Contoental Congress

    Second Contoental Congress
    The meeting was held once again in Philadelphia. The pourpouse was to Decide the fait of the thirteen colonies. They Decided that day that they wanted to break away from Brittain. Some famous delagates that atended where, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. The significance is that the leaders that attended decided the fait of america.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    History .Com The Declaration of independence was written by four men lead by Thomas Jefferson. This Document is segnificant because it is the formal way that america tells Brittain that we want to be separated from it.
  • Articles of Confederation

    This was the First constitution writen for Americans under president George Washington. Its simply segnificant because it was the first Constition of the united States.
  • Start of the Constitutional Convention

    The First Congress meets to Run our Countrey in the best way they can. The Untied states was broke and riots were everywere. This is significant because it is the first congress to inprove on our countrey.