Us independence

The Revolutionary War

  • Jun 15, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta
    Means great charter in latin, it was a document that ensured the already given rights but on paper to allow anyone convicted of a crime to a jury trial; protection of private property; reasonable limits on taxes and some religious freedom which was signed by king john. It was Important because it set the foundation for the constitution.
  • The english bill of rights

    The english bill of rights
    Limited the powers of the monarch, it stated that certain acts of James II were illegal and prohibited and that Englishmen possessed certain civil and political rights that couldn't be taken away; and James had forfeited the throne by renouncing and no Roman Catholic could ever be sovereign of England
  • French and Indian War

    French and Indian War
    7 years war, where the french started fighting over land and with britian, indians also faught but on both sides.
  • sugar act

    sugar act
    Parliment passed and act that taxed sugar by 3 cents, and also taxed molasses to stop colonist from smuggling it in without their consent
  • stamp act

    stamp act
    tax that made the colonists pay for any type of paper they used weither it was for shipping, legal documents, or playing cards.
  • Patrick Henry delivers speech to virginia Legislature

    Patrick Henry delivers speech to virginia Legislature
    Telling how he would die for his right to freedom before he would be bought and controlled, told all what to do with HIS rights.
  • sons of liberty

    sons of liberty
    head of the organization was Samual adams and paul revere, enforced boycotts, and would harrasses people if needed to get their point across
  • Declaratory act, repeal of stamp

    after the colonist began boycotting they repealed the stamp act, but made a new act to let the colonist know they were still in charge and could tax anything they wanted to.
  • townshend revenue act

    an "indirect" tax on glass, paint, paper, and tea.
  • circular letter

  • Boston massacre

    Colonists sarted taunting british soilders and they ended up killing five people, but everyone said more to make the british seem more terrible and heartless.
  • Tea act

    put a high tax on tea to colonists, to reduce the cost of shipping it to them
  • Boston tea party

    A multitude of colonist dressed as indians dumped over all the barrels of tea into the boston harbor.
  • Coercive acts

    to the british known as the intolerable acts, started taking away massachusetts most importan things to show them who's boss
  • 1st contenintal congress

    first meeting to talk about what they wanted, their freedoms.
  • closing of boston harbor and governor changed

    since they filled the harbor with tea they closed it so they couldn't tr to leave, trapped in and changed their government by putting someone of their own to monater
  • massachusetts under mllitary rule

  • administration of justice act

  • Massachusttes govern. act

  • quartering act

    Where colonist had to house brititsh soilders and feed them
  • mass charter canceled

    To take charge of the rebelious colony they took its rights away.
  • governor Gage seizies colonist weapons

    Gage believed we had hiden weapons and thought we would use them against Britian so they tried to seize them.
  • new england restraining act

  • rides of paul revere

    When paul warned the whole are " the british are coming" to help protect his people.
  • first battle @ lexington and concord

    A battle where the minutemen (at a minutes notice) tried to arrive and sneak into the area and take control when things back fired for britian
  • second continental congress

    When they got together during the war, started thinking of writing what is now the declaration of independence.
  • Benedict Arnold's ticondroga fort seizure

  • George washington in charge of army

    Wanted him to represent and lead the colonies to victory in war
  • Battle of Bunker hill

    one of the most agressive battles inbetween britian and the colonists during the revokutionary war.
  • forming the contenntal army

    When the colonist first started to create an army to defend against britian
  • olive branch petition

    the 2 continetal congress sent the king this letter asking to repeal the intolerable acts
  • common sense

    when thomas paine wrote a pamphlet telling about how he thought britian did them wrong.
  • dorchestor heights

    first battle attempted by continental army that was really valued
  • declaration of rights draft

    First attempt at writing their ides down and starting to finally make something of theur thoughts of what our country should be
  • E pluribus unum

    E pluribus unum
    a nickname for the 13 colonies
  • signing of declaration of independence

    When they finally got all their veiws and what they wanted this country to be down on a legitiment legal document.
  • Articles of confederation

    Articles of confederation
    The first real written plan for government, established the United States of America as a confederation of sovereign states and served as its first constitution, but was set up to be weak
  • Land ordanance of 1785

    Land ordanance of 1785
    The goal of the ordinance was to raise money through the sale of land in the unmapped territory west of the original states recieved in the Treaty of Paris after the end of the Revolutionary War. Established the basis for the Public Land Survey System.
  • Shay's rebellion

    Shay's rebellion
    shay and his followers were Seeking debt relief through the distribution of paper currency and lower taxes, they attempted to prevent the courts from seizing property from farmers in debt by forcing the closure of courts in western Massachusetts, didn't agree with the constitution
  • Northwest ordinance of 1787

    Northwest ordinance of 1787
    The main effect of the ordinance was the creation of the Northwest Territory, the first put together territory of the United States, from lands south of the Great Lakes, north and west of the Ohio River, and east of the Mississippi River. once a population of 60,000 a region can be qualified to be a state
  • Constitution Ratification

    Constitution Ratification
    They only needed 9 states to ratify, after official 2 parties one the Antifederalists, which opposed the constitution and the Federalists in support.