back in time

  • Winter Valley Forge

  • French And Indian War START

    French And Indian War  START
    War between Great Britain and France was the start.
  • proclamation of 1763

    proclamation of 1763
    No settlment beyond the Appalachians
    British troops tryed to stop colonest from moveing but
    coloniest wanted to move to new tweritory.
  • Treaty Of Paris

    Treaty Of Paris
    Britain claimed east of the Mississppi river and the natives were not happy because france was a traiding partner .
  • French And Indian War END

    French And Indian War END
    War ended
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    A Tax on sugarand and molasses.
    (england needed money for war)
    (coloniest were not happy)
  • Writs Of Assistance

    Writs Of Assistance
    British officers could search ships with out a wornt.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    A Tax on paper like documents ,cards,newspaper and ANY PAPER. Tax on legal documents, newspapers, wills, and basically every piece of paper used
  • Townshend Acts

    Townshend Acts
    A Tax on house items like paper, glass, and tea.
  • Boston Massacare

    Boston Massacare
    Colonist wantted to get in the goverment building but the British troops stoped them and kill many people.
  • Quartering Acts

    Quartering Acts
    colonist had to keep British soldiers in there house and supply food exc.
  • Tea Act/BostenTea Party

    Tea Act/BostenTea Party
    Colonist (sons of liberty) dressed up as natives and dumped the 90,000of bl tea off the British ship.
  • Coman Sense published

    Coman Sense published
    Common Sense help spread the work about American Independence
  • Intolerable Act

    Intolerable Act
    Colonist can not have town meetings and the bosten port was closed.
  • First Continental Party Congress

    First Continental Party Congress
    The colonist tryed to creat a peace treaty with Britten like the Olive branch
  • bukner hill

    bukner hill
    the Militia waited “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.” British wonbut with 1400 deaths and injury.
  • "Give Me Liberty' speach

    "Give Me Liberty' speach
    The Speach made people decide if they were a Loyalish or Patriot and and helped in the choice of seperation from Britain.
  • Ticonderoga

    Fort Ticonderoga had Two wars and five battles in this one fort
  • Lexington

    ''The shot heared across the world'' the first battle was in Lexinton
  • Second Contenental Congress

    Second Contenental Congress
  • Battles of Lexington and Concor

    Battles of Lexington and Concor
    Brithish troops arrived in lexington and distroyed military supply.
    700 British VS. 70 minutenmen but but 4000 minutemen shot at the British as they reatreated.
  • declaration of indapendance

    declaration of indapendance
    the document states that the colonies are no longer a part of Britain and are indapendance states.
  • Declaration Of Indapendence

    Declaration Of Indapendence
    officially declaring indapendence ,that the colones were in independence from Briten.
  • Battel Of New York

    Battel Of New York
    Washungton avoded capture during battle.british wanted new york but lost against the colonist.
  • Coman Sense

    Coman Sense
    American crist/coman sence was writen bytomas pain and said why america should brake away from Briten and how there is other traiding partners.
  • Battle Of Trenton

    Battle Of Trenton
    'After a humiliating defeat in New York by the hands of the British and their Hessian auxiliaries, the American army led by General Washington was forced to retreat across New Jersey. Washington’s army got temporary safety when they crossed Delaware River to enter Pennsylvania'
  • Battle Of Princeton

    Battle Of Princeton
    After Wahington crossed the Delaware at night to surprise the Hessian garrison and Wahington won.
  • Bunker Hill

    Bunker Hill
    americans were firering at british ships ao the britsh marched up hillband won with many deaths on there side.americans were low on amo''dont fire untill you see the wite in there eyes'' americans
  • Battle Of Saratoga

    Battle Of Saratoga
    American general Horatio Gates surrounded Burgoynes remaining forces at Saratoga.
  • Winter Valley Forge

    Winter Valley Forge
    Washingtons army is chalenged by diseas,and frost bit and also need of warm clothing.
  • Battle Of Yorktown

    Battle Of Yorktown
    British attaked Washingtions army and inflicted heavey casualties and Wahington avoided capture.
  • Tready Of Paris

    Tready Of Paris
    '' General Charles Earl Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington at Yorktown''