Unit 2 Flee map

  • French and Indian War

    French and Indian War
    Britan and France Fought over who would have control over North america after the The 13 Colonies were Established.
    In the begging France Looked llike they had the upper hand In the War until the British Put up a naval Blockade Leaving The French without supplies Making the british when the war taking control over Most of north america
  • Treaty of Paris 1763

    Treaty of Paris 1763
    This Treaty Ended the french and Indian War. This document Stated that All of the land that French controlled Before of the war Is now in Britians Control.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of  1763
    The British sent soldiers near the Appilachian Mountains to Stopping the Colonist form going near the Ohio River valley Becuse the government was scared that Another War would Break Out Between them Which the British Goverment Couldn't Afford.
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    The British Economy Had Taxed Sugar And molasses. I didn't Effect Many.
  • Stamp Act of 1765

    Stamp Act of 1765
    Taxes On Paper Such as Legal Documents, Deeds, Wills, and Newspapers. Basically there was a stamp saying that this paper was taxed. The colonist Were appaled By this And Boycotted paper Products And stopped Printing things like legal documents.
  • Townshend acts 1767

    Townshend acts 1767
    The british began taxing Everyday goods such as lead, sugar, tea, Paints Ect.
  • Writs of asistance 1767

    Writs of asistance 1767
    This Law made It possible to search ships Without Warrents. They did this to check to see if the nessacrry items were taxed
  • Boston massacre 1770

    Boston massacre 1770
    A small riot was held infront of the coustoms house in boston. Five American Colonist Were killed By the British Army
  • Quartering act of 1770

    Quartering act of 1770
    Colonist Had to Board Soldiers And provide them With food, shelter, Bedding ect. The colonist Had no choice but let the Soldiers Live in there houses
  • Tea act Of 1773

    Tea act Of 1773
    They began to Tax Tea that was being sent form India
  • Boston Tea party 1773

    Boston Tea party 1773
    The sons of liberty dumped 90,000 pounds of tea into the boston harbor
  • 1st Continental Congress

    1st Continental Congress
    Representives of the all of the american colonies Besids Georgia traveled to Philadelphia to disscuss What to do about the Intolerable acts and the reactions/feelings towards it,
  • intolerable acts of 1774

    intolerable acts of 1774
    Punishments twoards the American Colonist by there Acts in the colonies That King George the III had put on the colonist
  • battle of lexington

    on april 19th 1775 a war between the british and american colonist had sprung up. "The shot around the world" they called it. No one knew excatly who fired it causing this bloody 4 year battle
  • battle of Concord

    In concord massachussetts on april 19th the british arrived to only meet about 400 minute men. The british had no other reason but to retreat back.
  • 2nd continental congress

    The second continenetal congress met in philidelphia once agian to plan further actions while the american colonist were still protesting
  • Battle of Ft. Ticonderoga

    the british had captured this fort on may 10th 1775
  • Battle at bunker hill

    The battle at bunker hill was a close win between the american colonist had inflicted many casualties on the british but still lost this war. The american colonist were hoping that they could take control of it. "Don't fire untill you see the whites of there eyes" was and order giving to the soldiers becuse of the low supply of amo.
  • Thomas paine's Common sense

    An artical published by thomas paine encougaing American colonist to try and fight for there independence.
  • Declaration of Independence

    This document was drafted and published by Thomas Jefferson decalring our independence from Great Britian. It was approved by the second continental congress in july
  • Battle of New York 1776

    This wasn't a psyical battle it was basically when the patriots had fled to Harlem.
  • Battle of trenton 1776

    Washington and his troops crossed the Delaweare. The Americans caught the British while they were sleeping killing most of them not a single american was killed during this.
  • Battle of princeton 1777

    The americans used a sneaky attack to trick Cornwalis and his troops by leaving there camp the same the next day to signal that they were still "there". Cornwalis had met Washington's troops unwillingly and out numbered
  • Battle of saratoga 1777

    Burgoyne and had surrendered. This is considered a major battle and turning point for the Colonist during the war becuse we gained help from Spain and France.
  • Winter at Valley Forge 1777-1778

    George Washington's troop had spent the winter in Valley forge a third of his men died from frost bite and hunger (Dates unknown)
  • Battle of york town 1781

    The last major balttle in the american revo,
  • Treaty of paris 1783

    This document ended the American revolution. This document then reconigzed the U.S. as an independent nation