Large five presidents lineup

US Presidents

  • George Washington

    George Washington
    VP = John Adams
  • John Adams

    John Adams
    VP = Thomas Jefferson
    Party = Federalist
  • Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson
    VP = Aaron Burr and George Clinton
    Party = Democratic-Republican
  • James Madison

    James Madison
    VP = George Clinton and Elbridge Gerry
    Party = Democratic-Republican
  • James Monroe

    James Monroe
    VP = Daniel D. Tompkins
    Party = Democratic-Republican
  • John Quincy Adams

    John Quincy Adams
    VP = John C. Calhoun
    Party = Democratic-Republican; National Republican
  • Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson was born March 15, 1767, and was the seventh president of the United States that lasted from March 4, 1829 to March 3, 1837. He was a war veteran of the Battle of New Orleans and Battle of Horseshoe Bend. While he was president he decreased the power of the federal government but increased the power of the presidency. He was the one to send the Native Americans to the west the Indian Removal Act. Andrew Jackson was the only us president to pay off all debt.
  • Martin Van Buren

    Martin Van Buren
    VP = Richard Mentor Johnson
    Party = Democratic
  • William Henry Harrison

    William Henry Harrison
    VP = John Tyler
    Party = Whig
  • John Tyler

    John Tyler
    VP = None
    Party = Whig, and then no party
  • James K. Polk

    James K. Polk
    VP = George M. Dallas
    Party = Democratic
  • Zachary Taylor

    Zachary Taylor
    VP = Whig
    Party = Millard Fillmore
  • Millard Fillmore

    Millard Fillmore
    VP = None
    Party = Whig
  • Franklin Pierce

    Franklin Pierce
    VP = William R. King, and then none
    Party = Democratic
  • James Buchanan

    James Buchanan
    VP = John C. Breckinridge
    Party = Democratic
  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln
    VP = Hannibal Hamlin and Andrew Johnson
    Party = Republican, and Republican National Union
  • Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson
    Party = Democratic National Union and then no party
    VP = None
  • Ulysses S. Grant

    Ulysses S. Grant
    VP = Schuyler Colfax, Henry Wilson, and none
    Party = Republican
  • Rutherford B. Hayes

    Rutherford B. Hayes
    VP = William A. Wheeler
    Party = Republican
  • James A. Garfield

    James A. Garfield
    VP = Chester A. Arthur
    Party = Republican
  • Chester A. Arthur

    Chester A. Arthur
    VP = None
    Party = Republican
  • Grover Cleveland

    Grover Cleveland
    VP = Thomas A. Hendricks and then None
    Party = Democratic
  • Benjamin Harrison

    Benjamin Harrison
    VP = Levi P. Morton
    Party = Republican
  • Grover Cleveland

    Grover Cleveland
    VP = Adlai E. Stevenson I
    Party = Democratic
  • William McKinley

    William McKinley
    VP = Garret Hobart, none, Theodore Roosevelt
    Party = Republican
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt
    VP = none, and Charles W. Fairbanks
    Party = Republican
  • William Howard Taft

    William Howard Taft
    VP = James S. Sherman, None
    Party = Republican
  • Woodrow Wilson

    Woodrow Wilson
    VP = Thomas R. Marshall
    Party = Democratic
  • Warren G. Harding

    Warren G. Harding
    VP = Calvin Coolidge
    Party = Republican
  • Calvin Coolidge

    Calvin Coolidge
    VP = None, Charles G. Dawes
    Party = Republican
  • Herbert Hoover

    Herbert Hoover
    VP = Charles Curtis
    Party = Republican
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    VP = John Nance Garner, Henry A. Wallace, Harry S. Truman
    Party = Democrat
  • Harry S. Truman

    Harry S. Truman
    VP = None, Alben W. Barkley
    Party= Democrat
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Dwight D. Eisenhower
    VP = Richard Nixon
    Party = Republican
  • John F. Kennedy

    John F. Kennedy
    VP = Lyndon B. Johnson
    Party = Democrat
  • Lyndon B. Johnson

    Lyndon B. Johnson
    VP = None, Hubert Humphrey
    Party = Democratic
  • Richard Nixon

    Richard Nixon
    VP = None, Gerald Ford
    Party = Republican
  • Gerald Ford

    Gerald Ford
    VP = Nelson Rockefeller
    Party = Republican
  • Jimmy Carter

    Jimmy Carter
    VP = Walter Mondale
    Party = Democrat
  • Period: to

    Chain of US Presidents

  • Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan
    VP = George H. W. Bush
    Party = Republican
  • George H. W. Bush

    George H. W. Bush
    VP = Dan Quayle
    Party = Republican
  • Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton
    VP = Al Gore
    Party = Democrat
  • George W. Bush

    George W. Bush
    VP = Dick Cheney
    Party = Republican
  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama
    VP = Joe Biden
    Party = Democrat