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  • Founding Jamestown

    Founding Jamestown
    James town was the first colonization set up by settlers and started the building and growth of the Americas. This was a major events because of how t basically started everything in america. Jamestown was the foundation of everything and the start to many other colonies.
  • The Sugar Act

    The Sugar Act
    This was taxing sugar from places to make molasses for rum and alcohol which was used heavy in trade. It value was a lot for trade and because of that there was a act to make sure it doesn't get illegally smuggled and would be paid for. This was important because of sugar plantations and when sugar came to boston for processing into alcohols they wanted to make sure they wernt paying a lot so they could make a profit.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    This was a direct act placed on British colonies so British could control the country. Of course this lead to a fight and a revolution to repeal the act off of the all of the colonies and push for a revolution. they had a government and they wanted to repeal and didn't follow British rules because of there own government.
  • Tea Act

    Tea Act
    The tea act was when the British set a tax on american tea to america. This would boost British profits and America fought back with a rebellion and protests and had there ow government and wasnt gonna let Britain tax them.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    The Boston Tea Party was a way to show how the tax on tea was ridiculous so people entered the boats of many British ships and dumped all the tea into the water ruining it. This showed the British they wernt messing around and didn't wanna deal with the tax on tea.
  • Battle Of Concord

    Battle Of Concord
    Paul Revere ran through the town and warned everyone the British were coming. this alerted everyone and people got guns and held them off. There wasn't a army but the people defending the minutemen who sat at home and killed the British from invading America.
  • Capital of America Moved

    Capital of America Moved
    America moved its capital to Washington D.C. where slavery was banned for trading.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    This was a large sum of land bought by America without being allowed by others but the president did it anyways to expand Americans soil. This was a 15 million dollars and was over 828,000 sq miles of land. This land was a massive expansion and lead to Lewis and Clark exploring it later on.
  • Lewis And Clark

    Lewis And Clark
    These guys were two soldiers that knew each other. These guys were given a task by Thomas jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase. The land just bought and they explored it by taking a boat along the rivers. They discovered over 178 plants and 122 animals not previously known to science.
  • Jackson Takes office

    Jackson Takes office
    president jackson takes oath to his second term in office
  • Gag Rule

    Gag Rule
    John Quincy Adams tried to introduce a rule called the Gag rules which helped make pensions against slavery while the Adams was fighting it for 8 years
  • Manifest Destiny

    Manifest Destiny
    Manifest destiny was a word used for the westward expansion to show a desire you want to live and what you want your life to be. The people who moved wanted to succeed and wanted to grow also become rich and happy. Start fresh as someone new.
  • The Gold Rush

    The Gold Rush
    The Gold Rush was a lucky find to see that people moved to the western part of America to look for a new opportunity and new fortune and gold was discovered. This was a massive event because everyone was becoming rich off gold since the area was so rich in gold. Many people traveled to get there hands on some gold and be rich.
  • Suceeding from the Union

    Suceeding from the Union
    South Carolina Secede from the union in 1860-1861 The confederate flag and union was made with the succession of all of the south together as the confederate nation.
  • Pacific Railroad Act

    Pacific Railroad Act
    The government agrees to pay for a railroad from California to Missouri. They do this because the massive expansion to the western side of America and a lot of people were moving there so they needed a transportation that was reliable and that you wouldn't die traveling on.
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    The civil war was a war between the north and south about slavery. The south left the union even tho your not allowed too but they left the union and started a new nation and fought against the north. The north was a well more equipt but most casualtys didn't come from killing each other but from disease.
  • End To The Civil War

    End To The Civil War
    The civil war ended when the Robert E. Lee surrendered the last confederate army. The war ended there and the last battle fought was at Palmito Ranch, Texas, on May 13, 1865.
  • 13th Amendment

    13th Amendment
    This was a Amendment sighned to abolish slavery all together. To stop slave trade and slavery used in production. This freedom over 4 million people of color and stopped slavery.
  • Red River Wars

    Red River Wars
    US Army launched a campaign to remove the Indian Tribe Comanche Kiowa. This was a massacre and moved these Indian people to a reserve to bring a new face to Texas History. This was to expand the American land and Texas's land.
  • The American Identity

    The American Identity
    We changed from being blood thirsty pigs to building a nation of freedom. We built the country off of blood sweat and tears. Many wars and a lot of money was spent to expand and grow as a nation and others never thought that America would survive and wouldn't become a strong nation. Now looking at it now they became a massive nation and proved there just as strong as the other nations that were always around.
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