us history time line

  • Apr 14, 1215

    Magna Carta

    "Great Charter,''a document that guranteed basic political rights in England, aproved by King John.
  • Roanoke Island

    "Lost colony"
  • James Town

    The first perminant English settlment.
  • House of Burgesses

    The first representative assemblyin the new world.
  • Mayflower Compact

    An agreement to form a self-government.
  • Roger Williams founded Rhode Island

  • Navigation Act

    Regulating colonial commerce to suit English needs.
  • Bacon Rebellion

    Nathaniel Bacon led planters against British gov.
  • William Penn

    HE signed the Treaty with delaware indians and made payment for Pennsylvania.
  • Witchcraft delusion at salem

    Alleged witches executed by special court.
  • Great awakening

    religious movement
  • Poor Richard's Almanak

    Benjamin Franklin published the first Poor Richard's Almanak.
  • Zenger Trial

    Editor John Peter Zenger was trialed for criticizing the British govenor.
  • French and Indian War

    It began when the french occupied Ft. Duquesne.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    didnt let the colonist settle anywhere west of the Appalachian Mts.
  • Sugar act

    Taxes to pay off war debt.
  • Stamp act

    helped pay troops
  • Quartering act

    Required colonist to house british troops.
  • Townshend acts

    Levied taxes on glass, painter's lead, paper and tea.
  • Boston massecre

    When british troops fired on un-armed people.
  • Boston tea party

    colonist dressed up like indians and dumped a bunch of tea into the water to protest the tea tax.
  • intolerable acts

    They were acts to punish the colonist for the "Bosyon Tea Party".
  • British are comeing!

    Paul Revere and Williams Dawes road tho alert Patriots that the British were comeing.
  • Common Sense

    A famouse Pamphlet that incouraged people to fight for there independance. Author was Thomas Paine.
  • Declaration of Independance

    The colonies declared their independance from Britain.
  • Saratoga

    The turning point in the Revolution.British surrendered 5,000 men.
  • articals of confederation

    outlined the form of government of the new US.
  • John Paul Jones

    Famous Naval hero.
  • Cornwallis surrendered

    Washington and Rochambeau attacked near williamsburg
  • Paris peace treaty

    britain signed it reconizing American independance.
  • Constitutional convention

    In philidelphia, washinton presided; constitution accepted by delagates.
  • Northwest ordinance

    Made rules for statehood
  • George washington 1st president

    Washington was elected as the first president.
  • Bill of rights

    The bill of rights submitted to the states.
  • Monroe Doctrine

    Opposed European intervention in the Americas.Enunciated by Pres. Monroe.
  • Trail of tears

    Native American tribes were forced away form their homes to indian territory.
  • 1st Telegraph

    The first message over Telegraph line by inventor Samuel F.B Morse.
  • Women's rights Convention

    Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton led the Seneca Falls, NY, Women's rights Convention.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Henry Clay admitted California as 31st state, forbidded slavery.
  • Uncle Toms Cabin

    Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote "Uncle Toms Cabin".
  • Dred Scott v. Sandford

    The Surpreme Court ruled against Dred Scott when the sued for his Freedom.
  • 16th Prestident

    Abraham Lincoln was elected president in a 4 -way race.
  • Comfederate states of america

    Comfederate states of america is formed with Jefferson Davis as president.
  • Ft. Sumter

    The first battle of the civil war.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which freed all the slaves that were still rebelling.
  • Battle Antietam

    The bloodiest one-day battle of the Civil War.
  • Gettysburg

    Union forces won a major victory in Gettysburg.
  • Gettysburg Address

    President Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address.
  • 13th amendment

    Abolished slavery.
  • Appomattox Court House

    Gen. Rodert E, Lee surrendered 27,800 Confederate troops to Gen. Grant at the Appomattox Court House.
  • Lincoln assasinated

    Lincoln was shot in a theater by John Wilkes Booth.