US History - Technology Project 3 (1800-1876)

Timeline created by Zulu73
  • Presidential Election

    Thomas Jefferson won election by vowing to get rid of all federal taxes.
  • Inauguration of Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson is inaugurated in Washington D.C.
  • Harrison Land Acts

    White poeple kicked out the Native Americans so they could obtain new land.
  • War of 1812

    Congress decided to fund the war by raising taxes on imported goods. The war was caused by British restrictions on United States trade and America's desire to expand its territory.
  • Black Hawk War

    The shortest war lasted from May 1832 to August 1832.
  • Panic of 1837

    This was the first depression the United States faced was caused by Jackson's law that banks wouldn't be allowed to accept paper notes as a form of payment. The banks lost money and depression hit.
  • John Tyler

    10th President of the United States
  • Texas Becomes a State

    Texas becomes part of the United States. President John Tyler signed the resolution which added Texas to the United States.