US History 7.4

  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    The proclamation of 1763 was the treaty after the seven years war. The act regulated France surrendering its land in America to Britain and it was made to preserve the Native Americans so no body was allowed to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. After the Proclamation was made, Britain gained a lot of land in America which caused them massive debt and they made the colonists pay it off and the colonists did not like how the proclamation turned out.
  • The Sugar Act

    The Sugar Act
    This act stated that it was just the first British tax on the colonies and the British were just trying to get money. The British government made this act to get money back from their debt. The colonists did not like this act because it was taxation without representation. They did not want to pay money for a country that is far away.
  • The Currency Act

    The Currency Act
    The act was made to prohibit colonists from printing paper money. The reason the British made this act was to not allow the colonists to get their own money and had to use the British currency. The colonists got angry with this act because it made the colonists feel like they are getting their self-govern right taken away.
  • The Quartering Act

    The Quartering Act
    The act was a punishment to the colonists because of all their mutiny with the other acts. the act states that the British Soldiers can live in colonists houses and take their own things and the colonists had to pay for the British soldiers. They colonists did not like this act because they did not want people coming in their own homes that they don't even know kicking them out of it and using their own things and even making the colonists pay for their day to day activities.
  • The Stamp Act

    The Stamp Act
    The Stamp Act regulates that all official papers and official documents by imposing a tax on them. The British made this act to punish the colonists more and take more of the colonists money. The colonists were obviously angered by this and simply just decided to not pay the taxes.
  • Declaratory Act

    Declaratory Act
    The Declaratory Act states that the British have full control over the colonies and what the colonists do. The British made this act to punish the colonists once again for not paying the Stamp act taxes and for all the riots that have been going on in the colonies. The colonists have realized that out of all the acts so far, this is the worst one because they have control over everything they do. The colonists responded by making bigger and badder riots.
  • Townshend Revenue Act

    Townshend Revenue Act
    The Townshend Revenue act made new taxes on painters lead, tea, glass, and paper. The British reason for this act was to punish the colonists from the riots they have made. The colonists decided to turn away imports from harbors and not let the things come in that they would have to pay taxes on. The colonists reacted in this way because they decided to not riot but just to simply turn the imports around.
  • The Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre
    The Boston Massacre was an accident done by British soldiers. The British soldiers killed 5 colonists and injured 6. The colonists were protesting against 7 British soldiers by throwing snowballs at them and cursing at them. The crowd eventually got very big. A stick or a piece of ice had hit one of the soldiers that fell down. When he got up, he accidentally shot his gun. Then all the other soldiers thought they heard their general to shoot so they all fired.
  • The Tea Act

    The Tea Act
    The Tea act makes a new ax on tea that the colonists have to pay for. The British made the act because they wanted to let the East India British Co. to make a big Profit on Tea in the colonies. The colonists decided to have enough of these laws and disguised as Mohawks snuck onto a British ship and dumped all of the Tea off the ship into the water. The action is known as the Boston Tea party.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party
    The Boston Tea Party was an act done by the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty were disguised as Native Americans and snuck onto the ship. From there, they tricked the captain into believing that they were there to help. They then shortly after took all 342 crates of tea loaded onto the ship and dumped them into the Harbor. The colonists watched from the Harbor and some attempted to take some of it out of the water for themselves.
  • The Intolerable Acts

    The Intolerable Acts
    In this act, the British made two laws/rules. They allowed the Royal Navy to make a blockade outside of the colonies and they made a mob rule so riots were now illegal. The reason behind this act was to get back on the colonists from the Boston Tea Party. The colonists decided they had enough of the British rule so they declared war on the British making the American Revolutionary War. The reason the colonists did this was because they had enough of the British and wanted to be their own country
  • The battle of Lexington and Concord.

    The battle of Lexington and Concord.
    The British and Patriots sent soldiers to Lexington and Concord to try to scare the other soldiers off. They both arrived and were in a stalemate. All the soldiers there knew the high tensions between the two. One British soldier accidentally fired and that was the shot that lead to the revolutionary war. "The shot was heard around the world."
  • Bunker hill

    Bunker hill
    Both the British and the Patriots wanted to have the high ground on one another so they tried to take a hill outside of Boston. The Patriots had it and they fortified it. The British decided to attack the Patriots in order to try to take the hill. The British charged up the hill twice but got stoped both times. The next morning the British naval ship fired at the fort while the Patriots were repairing. Then in the middle of the day the British charged again and took the hill.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    The Declaration of Independence was a document written by Thomas Jefferson. The paper stated the reasons that the colonies wanted to be their own country and declare independence from England. The Continental Congress signed the paper in agreement to what was stated on the paper. This day forward would be known for America becoming a country and getting freedom.
  • The Battle of Trenton

    The Battle of Trenton
    The Battle of Trenton was a battle between German Mercenaries and the Americans. The battle was over New Jersey which at the time the German Mercenaries occupied. The Americans were lead by George Washington and the German Mercenaries were lead by Colonial Johann. The battle led to the Americans winning and having a lot of confidence in this revolution.
  • The Battle of Saratoga

    The Battle of Saratoga
    The Battle of Saratoga was multiple battles and the battles were between the British and the Americans. The outcome of the battles were the Americans winning them. America had gotten key things from these battles such as: The French noticed the Americans fighting and would eventually help out and the Americans were full with confidence and wanted to keep the Revolution going.
  • The Battle of Valley Forge

    The Battle of Valley Forge
    The Battle of Valley Forge was a battle between the Americans led by George Washington and the British led by William Howe. The battles outcome was the Americans coming on top over the British and the British lost a lot of supplies from losing this battle. This battle was a huge turning point in the Revolution where it looked likely that the Americans would win.
  • The Battle of Yorktown.

    The Battle of Yorktown.
    The Battle of Yorktown was a battle between the Americans and the British. The battle would be the last battle of the revolution ending it. George Washington who lead the Americans this battle was a key aspect of the Americans winning this battle against the British.
  • Treaty of Paris (1783)

    Treaty of Paris (1783)
    The Treaty of Paris was an agreement between Great Britain and the colonies about ending the revolution because the colonies had practically won by that point. The treaty stated that the colonies get independence and they gain more land out west. The British had to give up land to them and grant them freedom. There was three documents and they all stated different things from the outcome of the revolution.