US History 1 Review

  • 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    An Italian explorer sailing for Spain who believed that Asia (India) could be reached by sailing west from Europe. His first voyage was in 1492, wherein he discovered North America (Caribbean islands) and named it the West Indies. He will make four voyages to the new world without fully realizing what he had discovered.
  • 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    An Italian explorer sailing for Spain who believed that Asia (India) could be reached by sailing west from Europe. His first voyage was in 1492, wherein he discovered North America (Caribbean islands) and named it the West Indies. He will make four voyages to the new world without fully realizing what he had discovered.
  • Jamestown

    Established on May 14, 1607 Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement settled by
    around 105 colonist from England
  • Southern Colonies

    Southern Colonies
    These are Thirteen colonies in the southern that are the beginning of the united states at around 1607 now day this colonies would be the states of from New Hampshire being the one on the top
    To the bottoms or known today as Georgia.
  • Plymouth

    Aboard the Mayflower 100 Men and women known as the pilgrims sailed
    for the new world or present day massachusetts in 1620 all the way from europe
    It took about three months to their destination where they would settle the first permanent
    european Settlement in new england unfortunately that resulted in the death
    Of half of the settlers during the first rough winter.
  • New England Colonies

    New England Colonies
    The first English colonies formed by Puritan that arrived in 1620 in the Plymouth ten years after
    More puritans were sent to form other colonies like Rhode Island and Connecticut.
  • Massachusetts Bay colony

    Massachusetts Bay colony
    Settled in 1630 an original English settlement located in what is known today as massachusetts formed by around 1000 puritan refugees to colonize and trade and with around 20 thousands
    Inhabitants just ten years after being colonized.
  • Middle Colonies

    Middle Colonies
    Around 1664 the territory between New England and Virginia was given to James or the duke of york by his brother King Charles ll that territory then became New york the same was dn in 1680 with 45000
    Squares miles that later became pennsylvania.
  • Great Awakening

    Great Awakening
    The Great awakening which happened in the 17th century around 1720 and the 1740
    Was the reaction of Americans against the increase in secularization of society.
  • French and Indian War

    French and Indian War
    This was which was caused when france expanded unto the ohio river valley the british colonies
    Not like this so they went into several conflicts with them the war lasted for around seven years
    Which is another name that this war is known for it all started in 1756 when british officially
    declared itself in war.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    The stamp act was an attempt to increase the revenue they planned to do this
    through direct taxation in newspaper and card ect after the pontiac war and this
    Happened in 1765.
  • Boston massacre

    Boston massacre
    This massacre occurred March 5 1770 this happened in Boston Massachusetts when British troops
    Killed a lot of people in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Boston tea Party

    Boston tea Party
    Tea becomes very expensive some of them get drunk and dressed up as Indians and get on some boats
    That were on the shore and then dumped 1 million dollars worth of tea and this happened in 1773.
  • Battles of Lexington/ Concord

    Battles of Lexington/ Concord
    These were initial battles that would lead to American Revolution these battles were between
    British regulars and American when the governor of Massachusetts order troop to seize The colonist but they did not know they would come across the local minutemen and all this happened in 1775.
  • American Revolutionary War

    American Revolutionary War
    This was a war fought between America and Great Britain to gain independence for the thirteen
    Colonies and it lasted about a decade but it started in 1775.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    The Declaration of Independence is a document created on July 4 of 1776 and
    The purpose of the document was to separate the thirteen colonies from Great Britain.
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge
    Valley Forge which is located in Pennsylvania which was considered a defensible one and also it was strategy located since there were farms that had the ability to provide supplies it was also on leading trade routes and it was occupied during the winter of 1777.
  • Battle of York town

    Battle of York town
    This battle which happened on october 19, 1781 was not only the independence of Yorktown but it also concluded the American Revolution and this was a start to a new nation’s independence.
  • Article of Confederation

    Article of Confederation
    This was the First Constitution that served for the first governments created in 1781.
  • Constitutional Convection

    Constitutional Convection
    They gathered to make a constitution because they felt they needed one and created one in 1787 that serves to this day.
  • Industrial Revolution

    The development of industry begins which means mass production of products begins, there are also more parts being produced all this happening at around 1790s.
  • Bill of rights

    Bill of rights
    The bill of right which has the tenth amendment originally back when it was created in 1791 but it will later have more amendments added and to this day we use the same bill of rights.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    The Louisiana Purchase is the western half of the Mississippi river basin which was bought from France for 15 million dollars back in 1803.
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Thomas Jefferson with several attempts to explore the west in the past got the United states to finally agree to explore the Northwest passage in order to expand trading routes and Jefferson’s secretary Meriwether Lewis led the expedition next to William Clark back in 1804.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    Once the United States gained independence Great Britain refused to see them as equal which led to them making many things to make the United States suffer which led to a war in 1812 that ended up with the United States winning for the second time.
  • Missouri Compromise

    A compromise passed by the united states congress where it let Missouri be a slave state and Maine become a free slave state this all happened in 1820.
  • Election of 1824

    This election had four candidates with different percentages of votes since none of the candidates had a majority of votes the congress decided that they would choose a president after this they made a conclusion that this was unfair and would not happen again since 1824.
  • Underground Railroad / Harriet Tubman

    These were routes used by many slaves which helped them to get from the south to the north of united states or sometimes canada with the help of sympathetic northerners in order to have freedom back in 1831.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    It was a war between Mexico and Texas that Texas won a year after it started back in 1836, Texas was still not part of the united states yet but it would be in the near future which is why it is part of the history of the United States
  • Mexican-American war

    A war between the United States and Mexico that the United States won and gained some southern territory in 1846.
  • California Gold Rush

    The California gold rush started at around 1848 when some gold was found after this many people came to California in search of gold this lasted till 1852.
  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin

    A book that explained what was going on in south with slavery created in 1851 which gained a lot of pupularity mainly among white readers in the north wich saw the problem about slavery so at the end this book communicated the problem of slavery and made a lot of people joine the abolonist movement.
  • Confederate States of America

    These were the southern states which believed differently from the north of the United States which was created when they thought the election of the president Abraham Lincoln (1860) threatened their beliefs which were that slavery should continue until defeated.
  • Civil War

    The civil war occured when the southern states disagreed with the northern states about slavey while the north thought it would be better to end it the south thought the opposite so they went into war in 1861.
  • Gettysburg Address

    A very short speech given by president Abraham Lincoln at the Gettysburg site addressing the end of the battle in 1863.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    The battle of Gettysburg was a cause of the American civil war that happened in 1863 when a war between the union and confederate forces fought in a town called Gettysburg.