U.S. History 1-3 Project

  • The 2nd Great awakaning.

    A relgious movement that started in 1790 and reached its peak around 1840
  • Emma wilard school for women.( Womens Rights)

    A girls only school that is still around today.
  • Carrison Begins to Print THE LIBERATOR (Significant Work of Literature)

    (Significant Work of Literature) A magazine that was ment to start a slave uprising.
  • Nat Turner Uprising (Abolition Movement)

    A Brutel Slave Uprising.
  • Brooks Farm Founded (Religious Reform)

    A farm to teach people how to farm
  • Dortha DIx Begins her work at prisons and hospitals . Womens Rights

    She started work at jails after she visited in 1814
  • MArgret fuler writes women in the 19th century(Sufferage)

    an essay about equlity
  • Thoreau Writes CIvil Disobedience(Significant work of literature)

  • The Seneca Fall Convention( Womens Rights Movment)

    A moc of the D of I writen from a womens point of view.
  • Amelia Bloomer Begins to Publish The Lily ( Significan t lit.)

    A newspaper started in senceca falls to spread word of womens rights.
  • Neil Dow passes the Maine law (Abolition)

    The Prohibition of alchhol exept for medical purpouse
  • Uncle Toms Cabin ( Signif Lit)

    It created stryotyopes for blacks.
  • The 13th Amendment (significant wor of Literature)

    Outlaws Slavery
  • Married Women's Property Act 1882

    Husband and wife become one under law
  • 18th Amendment ( abolition)

    The Ban Of Alchol
  • The Mormon Religion started

  • 19th Amendment (Women Rights Movements)

    Allowed Women To Vote.
  • Fredrick Douglas Escapes (Womenes Rights Movement)

    A former slave that turned into a an important writer.