U.S. History

  • Period: Jan 1, 1215 to

    US History

  • Jun 15, 1215

    magna carta

    granted rights to both nobel and freeman
  • ''lost colony''

    ''lost colony''
    '' lost colony '' sponsored by sir Walter raleigh was founded on Roanoke island, off north carolina coast: settlers found to have vanished, 1590
  • Jamestown founded

    Jamestown founded
    Capt. John Smith and 105 cavaliers in 3 ships landed in virginia coast, started the first english settlement in New world Jamestown
  • House of burgesses.

    House of burgesses.
    House of burgesses, first house of represenative assembly in New World elected at James town, VA.
  • Pilgims

    puritan seperatist ,left plymoth, England, Sept. 16 on the mayflower; reached cape cod Nov. 19; 103 passengers landed, Dec. 26, at plymoth. Mayflower Compact, sighned Nov. 11, was agreement to form a self goverment. ANd half of the colony died during harsh winters.
  • Roger williams

    Roger Williams founded Providence, RI, in june, as a democratically ruled colony with separstin of church and state. Charter granted ,1644. Harvard college founded ; oldest institution of higher learning in the U.S.
  • Navigation act

    British Parliment passed first navigation act Dec.1 regulating colonial commerce to suit English needs.
  • Nathaniel Bacon

    Nathaniel Bacon led planters against autocratic British Gov. Rir william berkerly, burned jame=s town , VA, Sep. 19 rebellion collapsed when bacon died ;23 followers executed. Bloody Indian war in new England Ended Aug. 12. King philip, wampanoag Chief , and narragansett Indians killede.
  • William penn

    William penn signed treaty with Deleware Indians Apr. 23. and made, payment Pennsylvania lands.
  • Whichcraft

    whichcraft delusion at salem, MA ; 20 alleed wiches executed by special courts.
  • Benjaman franklin

    Benjaman franklin published the first poor richards almanacks ;published anually untill 1757. Last of 13 colonies.
  • John peter zenger

    Editor John peter zenger was aquanted of lible Aug. 5 in New York after criticizing the british conduct in office.
  • Famous sermon

    Famous sermon ''sinner in the hands of a angry god, '' delivered at enfield, MA, july 8, by johnathan Edwards, a amjor figure in the revivalist Great awakining.
  • alany,NY,congress

    Delegates from 7 colonies to alany,NY,congress, july, 19 aproved a plan of union by bejaman Franklin ;plan was rejected by the colonies.
  • stamp act

    stamp act , enacted by parliment mar. 22. requirred revenue stamps to help fund royal troops.
  • townshed act

    townshed acts levied taxes on glass, painters led, paper, and tea.In 1770 all duties excempt on tea were repealed.
  • Boston massacare

    British troops fired mar.5. into boston mob, killed 5 including crispus attucks, a black a man, reportedly leader of a group later called boston massacare.
  • East india

    East india Co. tea ships turned back to boston, New York, and philidelphia in may, cargo burrned at annapolis, oct.14 ; corgo thrown over bored at boston tea perty, Dec. 16, to protest the tea tax.
  • intolerable acts

    ''Intolerable acts '' of parliment curtailed massachusettes self rule ; barred use of boston harbor till tea was paid for.
  • Patrick henry

    Patrick henry addresed virginia convention, March 23," said give me liberty of give me death!"Paul Revere and William Dawes, Apr 18, To alert patriots that the British were on there way to concord to destroy arms. At Lexington, MA, Apr 19, minutemen lost 8 on return from Concord, British took 273 casualish.
  • Common Sence

    Common Sence, Famouse proindependence pamphlet by thomos paine, wa published Jan. 10; quikcly sold 100000 copies , Franand and Spain each Each agreed May 2, to provide arms. In continental congrass jun 7, Richard Henry Lee (VA) moved of right ought to be free and independent states.
  • Washington defeated lord cornwallis.

    Washington defeated lord cornwallis at Princeton Jan. 3. Continental Congress, June 14 authorized an american flag, the stars and stripes. Maj. Gen. john Burgoneys, force of 8000 from canada, captured Ft. Ticonderoga, July 6. americans beat back Burgoyne surrender 5000 men at Saratoga,NY oct. 17.
  • George Rogers Clark

    George Rogers Clark took Vincennes in Feb. John Paul Jones on the Bonhomme Richard deffeated serapis in British North sea waters, Sep. 23.
  • Bank of north america

    Bank of north america Incorporated May 26. Cornwallis retired to yorktown, VA. Adm. Francois Joseph de Grassw landed 3000 French and stopped British fleet in Hampton Roads. Washington and jean Baptiste de Rochambeau joined forces, arived near Williamburg, Sep. 26. Siege of conwallis began , oct,6; Cornwallis Surrendered.
  • Massachussts supreme court

    Massachussts supreme court declared Slavery Illegal in that states, Britian and the U.S. sighned the Peris Peace Treaty, Sep. 3, reconizing independence.
  • Shay's Rebellion

    Shay's Rebellion of debt-ridden farmers in Massachusetts failed, Jan. 25.
    NorthWest ordinace adopted July 13 by continental congress for northwest Teritorty, north of Ohio river , west of New Yirk; Constitutional convention opened in philidelphia , may 25, with Washington presendenting.
  • George Whashington

    George Whashington chosen president by all electors voting , John Adams vice president got 34 votes First congress met all federal hall .
  • Bill of rights

    Bill of rights, submited to states, sep. 25, 1789, went to effect dec. 15.
    First bank of the U.S. chartered.
  • Washington inougarated

    Washington inougarated for second term, march 4, having recieved 132 electoral votes
  • Wisky rebellion

    Wisky rebellion, western pennsylvania farmers protested liquior tax of 1791 suppressed by federal militia in September.
  • Washingtons fawell adress

    Washingtons fawell adress as president delivered Sep. 17 warned against permanent alliences with forign powers, big public debt, large millitary establishment, and device of small, artful, enterprising minority.
  • Alien & sedation act

    Alien & sedation act passed by federalist jun-jul; intend to silence political opposition. War with France threatened over French raids.
  • John marshall

    John marshall Named supreme court chief justice , jan 20. Thomas Jefferson, who had recieved same nummber of electoral votes as Aaron Burr in the 1800 election.
  • Mabury v. Madison

    Supreme court in Mabury v. Madison , for the for the first time turned over a U.S. law , Feb. 24
  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark expidition ordered by Pres. THomas Jefferson To explore what is now northwesrt U.S.
  • Robert Fulton

    Robert Fulton invented the first working steamboat
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812 had 3 main causes; Britain seized U.S. ships Trading with France; Britian seized 4000 natural american sailors by 1810; Britain gave Native Americands Arms to raid american borders.
  • Olive H perry

    Olive H perry defeated british fleet at the battle of lake erie.
  • british landed in Maryland

    british landed in Maryland in August , defeated U.S. forces, August 24.
  • Spain ceded Florida

    Spain ceded Florida To U.S. Feb. 22