US Currency

By Thurman
  • Greenbacks

    congress authorized the printing of $60 million of demand notes. Although these notes did not have gold or silver backing they were declared legal tender.
  • Gold Certificates

    Gold Certificates
    in 1863 government issued gold certicates paper currency backed by gold placed on deposit with United States Treasury
  • silver certificates

    silver certificates
    government introduced silver certificates paper currency backed by silver dollars on reserve with the treasury.
  • treasury coin note

    treasury coin note
    federal government printed the fifth, and last. type of paper currency issued before banking system was overhauld
  • gold standard

    gold standard
    congress passed gold standard act which monetary standard under which the basic currency unit is equal to and can be exchanged for a specific amount of gold
  • federal reserve system

    federal reserve system
    congress created the nations first true central bank
  • bank holiday

    bank holiday
    president roosevelt announced a bank holiday a brief period during which every bank in the country was required to close
  • inconverible fiat money standard

    inconverible fiat money standard
    monetary standard under which the fiat money supply cannot be converted into gold or silver by its citizens