United States Timeline

  • Jun 15, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta
    Granted rights to both nobles and freeman.
  • "Lost Colony"

    "Lost Colony"
    sponsored by Sir Walter Raleigh was founded on Roanoke Island.
  • JamesTown

    First permanent English settlement in New World at Jamestown.
  • H.O.B

    House of Burgesses, first represenative assembly in New world July 30 at Jamestown,VA
  • Pilgrams

    Pilgrams left Plymouth September 16 on the Mayflower. The Mayflower sighned November 11 a self-goverment.
  • Roger Williams

    Roger Williams
    Roger Williams founded Providence, RI, in june, as a democratically tulrf colony with sepertion of church abd state charter granted.
  • Navagation Act

    Navagation Act
    Navagation Act Dec 1 colonial commerce to suit english needs.
  • Indian War

    Indian War
    Nathaniel Bacon led planters against autocratic British and burned Jamestown, The rebellion collapsed when Bacon died.
  • William Penn

    William Penn
    William penn sighned treaty with deleware indians and made payment for Pennsylvania. The first german colonist in America settled near Philadelphia.
  • Witchcraft

    Witchcraft delusion at Salem alleged witches excuted by special court.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin published the first Poor Richards lmanack.
  • John Peter

    John Peter
    John Peter Zenger was aquitted of libel Aug. 5 in New York after critizing the British goveners conduct in offence.
  • "Siners in the hands of an Angry God."

    "Siners in the hands of an Angry God."
    Famous sermon "Siners in the hands of an Angry God." delivered at Enifeild by Jonathon Edwards a great firgure in the revalist Great Awakening.
  • French and Indian War

    French and Indian War
    The french and indian war began when french occupied Ft. Duqusence. British moved french from louisana.
  • Townshed Acts

    Townshed Acts
    Townshed Acts Levied texas on glasss,painters,lead,paper and tea.
  • Intolerable Acts

    Intolerable Acts
    The Intolerable Acts of Parlimant in massachusetts self-rule barred use of Boston Harbor till tea was paid for.
  • Patrick Henry

    Patrick Henry
    Patrick Henry addressed virgina convention said "Give me Liberty or give me Death!"
  • Decleration of Indepence

    Decleration of Indepence
    The Decleration of Independece approved Willam Moultries batteries at Charleston pulsed sea attack.
  • Articles Of Conferate

    Articles Of Conferate
    Articles Of Confederation adopted by Continetal Congress.
  • John Paul Jones

    John Paul Jones
    John Paul Jones on the Bonhamne Rochard defeated Serpis in Britsh North sea waters
  • Bank of North America

    Bank of North America
    Bank of North America incorporated May 26, cornwalls retired to yorktown.
  • Paris Peace Treaty

    Paris Peace Treaty
    regonizing American Independce which congress ratified.
  • Northwest Ordinace

    Northwest Ordinace
    the Northwest Ordinance adopted july 13 by Continental Congress for Northwest territory, north of Ohio River, west of New York.
  • George Washington

    George Washington
    George Washington chosen president by all electors voting John Adams, First Congress met at federal hall.
  • Bill Of Rights

    Bill Of Rights
    Bill Of Rights submitted to states sept. 25 went into effect.
  • John Adams

    John Adams
    Washington inaugurated for second term march 4 having recived 132 electoral votes; John Adams again became vice President.
  • Whiskey Rebellion

    Whiskey Rebellion
    Whiskey Rebellion western Pennsylvania farmers protesting liquid tax on 1791, supressed by federal miltia in September.
  • Washingtons Farewell Adress

    Washingtons Farewell Adress
    Washingtons Farewell Adress addressed as president delivered sept. 17 warned against permanent alliances with foreigh powers.
  • Alien&Sedition Acts

    Alien&Sedition Acts
    Aalien&Sediton Acts passed by Federalists june-july intended to silence political oppostion.
  • Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson who had recived same number of electoral votes Aaron Burr in 1800 election.
  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark
    Lewis and Clark expedition ordered by President Thomas Jefferson to explore what is now northwest U.S started from St. louis.
  • Embargo Act

    Embargo Act
    Embargo Act banned all trade with foreigh countries,forbidding ships to set sail for foriegh ports.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    War of 1812 has 3 main causes: britan seized U.S ships trading with france; Britan siezed 4,000naturalized U.S sailors by 1810.
  • Oliver H. Perry

    Oliver H. Perry
    Olivia H. Perry defeated British fleet at Battle of Lake Erie.
  • Battle of Lake Champlain

    Battle of Lake Champlain
    U.S won naval Battle Of Lake Champlain sept 11. Peace Treaty with Great Britan.
  • Savannah

    American Steamship Savannah made first part-steam-powered, part-sail-powered crossing of Atlantic, traveling from Savannah.
  • Monroe Doctrine

    Monroe Doctrine
    Monroe Doctrine opposing European intervention in the Americas.
  • Daniel Webster

    Daniel Webster
    Famous Debate Jan.27 between sen. Daniel Webster and Robert Hayne on state right nullify federal law.
  • Liberator

    William Lloyd Garrison began abolonist newspaper The Liberator.
  • Trail Of Tears

    Trail Of Tears
    Cherokee Indians forced to walk the "Trail Of Tears" from Georgia to Oklahoma starting in October.
  • Telegraph

    First Message over the first telegraph line sent mayb 24 by inventor Samuel F.B morse from washington to baltimore.
  • Mexican War

    Mexican War
    Mexican War began after president James K. Polk ordered General Zachary Taylor to seize disputed texan land settled by Mexicans.
  • Gold

    Gold was discovered in California, 80,00 prospectors emigrated in 1849.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    Henrey Clay's Compromise of 1850 admitted california at 31st state with slavery forbidden which made Utah and New Mexico territores.
  • Toms Cabin

    Toms Cabin
    Harriet Beecher Stowes Uncles Tom Cabin published.
  • Rebulican Party

    Rebulican Party
    Rebublican Party formed at Rip[on which opposed Kansas Nebraska Act which left issue of slavery to vote of settlers.
  • Dred Scott

    Dred Scott
    Dred Scott decison by supreme court held that slaves did not become free in a free state, congress could not bar slavery from a territory and black couldnt be citizens.
  • Harpers Ferry

    Harpers Ferry
    Ablonisint John Brown with 21 mensezied U.S army at Harpers Ferry.
  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln
    Rebublican Abraham Lincoln was elected president in a 4 way race.
  • Battle Of Bull Run

    Battle Of Bull Run
    Confedartes repelled union forces at First Battle Of Bull Run.
  • Homestead Act

    Homestead Act
    The Homestead Act which granted free farms to settlers.
  • Emancipation Proclomation

    Emancipation Proclomation
    President Lincoln issued Emacipation Proclamtion freeing all slaves in areas still in rebellion.
  • Robert E. Lee

    Robert E. Lee
    Robert E. Lee surrondered 27,800 confederate troops to general Grant at Appomattox Court House.
  • 14th Amendment

    14th Amendment
    14th Amendent providing for citizenship of all persons born or nutralized in U.s.
  • 15th Amendment

    15th Amendment
    15th Amendment making race no bar to voting rights.
  • American Red Cross

    American Red Cross
    Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross.