United States of the 1800's

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    United States of the 1800s

  • The 3rd President

    Thomas Jefferson was elected Presidents after the elections had to go through Congress
  • Judiciary Act

    Federalist congress passed an act which created a new regional court as well as 16 post for new judges and officials
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    Robert Livingston and James Monroe recieved an offer stating that the United States could buy all of the Louisiana Territory for 15 million dollars
  • Reelection of 1804

    In 1804 Jefferson was reelected to be president
  • The Embargo Act

    Congress passed an act which did not allow american ships to trade with foreign nations
  • The election of 1809

    The election of 1809
    James Madison was elected President
  • The War of 1812

    Congress passed the decleration declaring war on Britain
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Treaty of Ghent was sign which required each side to give up any territory it won over battle
  • Jackson and his Troops

    Jackson and troops launched a suprise attack on Britain and killed around 2000 soldiers
  • The Era of Good Feeling

    James Monroe was elected to be President which began something many people reffered to as the Era of Good Feelings
  • The Missouri Compromise

    Compromise was approved which prohibited slavery in the remaining area of the Louisianna Territory
  • The Panic of 1819

    Americas economy began to fail
  • The Monroe Doctrine

    James Monroe gave a speech stating that American continent are no longered rulled by Britain
  • The Greek Revival

    William Strickland designed Philidelphia's Second National Bank to be designed after the Parthenon