united states history

By Dejoie
  • Apr 15, 1215

    magna carta

    was an english charter
  • roanoke island

    lost island settlers vanished
  • james town

    first english settlement
  • house of burgesses

    first representative assembly
  • may flower compact

    agrement to form self goverment
  • roger williams

    founder of providence
  • navagation act

    to regulate colonial commerce to suit english needs
  • nathaniel bacon

    rebelion colapsed when bacon died
  • willam penn

    made payment for pennslyvanias land
  • witch vraft delusion at salem

    alleged witches executed by special court
  • great awakening

    revival began
  • poor richards almanack

    last of the 13 colonies
  • jhon peter zengeer

  • french and idian war

    began when french occupied Ft.daquesne
  • sugar act

    place dutties on lumber
  • stamp act and quartering act

    adopted declaration of rights
  • townshend acts

    levied taxes on glass painters lead paper and tea
  • boston massacre

    british troops fierd into mob
  • boston tea party

    protest the tea tax by sneeking on british ships and dumping the tea in to the ocean harbor
  • intolerable acts

    of parliament curtailed
  • patrick henry

    give me liberty or give me death
  • common sence

    that these colonies are and to be free and independent states
  • sartoga

    articles of confederation
  • jhon paul jones

    defeated serapais in british north sea waters
  • corn wallis surenderd

  • paris peac treaty

    recognized american independence
  • north west ordanice

    constitutional convention
  • geroge washington

    choden president by all elctors voting
  • bill of rights

    submitted to states
  • eli whitney

    ivented the cotton gin
  • farewell addres

    warned permanet alliances with foreing powers
  • lousiana purcgase

    doubled U.S area
  • lewis and clark

    expedition orderd by pres.
  • robert falton

    made first practicle steamboat
  • war of 1812

    war between americans and british
  • the star spangeld banner

  • monroe doctrine

    opossing european intervention in the americas enuceatied by pres.
  • trail of tears

    movement from gerogia to oklahoma starting in october.
  • first message first telagrap line

    samuel F.B morse
  • womens rights convention

    lucretiamott and elizebeth stanton led seneca falls ,NY, women's rights convention
  • harriet beecher stow

    uncle toms cabin published
  • dred scott

    blacks couldnt be citizens
  • pony express

    abraham lincoln
  • confederate states of america

    jefferson davis president cival war begins
  • battle of antietam

    bloodiest day of the cival war
  • emacipation proclamation

    lincoln isuued the emacipation proclamation
  • Robet E Lee

    surrenderd grant at appomattox court house