Unit Four

By brain_e
  • George Washington Enters Office

    George Washington was the first president of the US. He led us in many wars, including the Revolutionary War. He set many precedents for future presidents and was a great first leader. He signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The US Bill of Rights and Jay's treaty was created and put into action while he was in office.
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    George Washington's in Office

    He served two terms in office.
  • War of 1812 Begins

    It was also known as the Second Revolutionary War, but the War of 1812 was started because of tensions with Great Britain and the impressment of US sailors. Also because of Britain's support of Native Americans. It occured mainly at sea, at the US-Canadian border, and in the south. The British allied with the Native Americans, so the US was attacked on several sides.
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    War of 1812

  • British Burn the Capitol

    The British burned the capitol, and would've burned it to the ground, if it weren't for the tornado and hurricane combo that struck Washington that day. The White House would be rebuilt, and several inmportant documents were saved, but shortly after, the war ended.
  • Andrew Jackson Enters Office

    Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the US. He had a very aggressive personality and he was a leader for the common man. He was against national banks. He was in office during the Nullification Crisis, and created the Indian Removal Act. He didn't care for Native Americans and had them moved to reservations throught the Trail of Tears. He also put into affect the Tariff of Abomination.
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    Andrew Jackson in Office

    Andrew Jackson served two terms in office.