Unit 3 Project

  • The Batlle of Tannenberg

    The Batlle of Tannenberg
    A three-day war against Germany and Russia. This battle almost destroyed the second army of Russia. This huge victory for the Germans boosted their confidence in the war. Since the second army of Russia got a harsh hit it was harder for them to keep advancing to the Eastern Front.
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  • Archduke Assassinated

    Archduke Assassinated
    Archduke and his wife were both assassinated on June 28th, 1914. Gavrilo Princip a Serbian, was the assassinator and this led to a spark of starting WW1.
  • The Start of WW1

    The Start of WW1
    After Archduke was killed this was when Austria-Hungary (where Archduke was from) declared war on Serbia. This was the beginning of WW1
  • The Battle of Marne

    The Battle of Marne
    The Battle of Marne was a success for the French by gaining their confidence back into the war mindset. This was by setting the Germans back from trying to capture a huge part of north east of France. However, the Germans did succeed at that.
  • The Christmas Truce

    The Christmas Truce
    For the first time in history, soldiers from both sides put down their weapons and had peace. People were getting to know each other, there was even a football match! Generals did not like this but for once there was no harm happening.
  • The Second Battle of Ypres

    The Second Battle of Ypres
    In the second battle of Ypres, this is when a new invention came into the WW1 industry, poison gas. Germans had a huge advantage by using poison gas to choke, blind, and even injure the skin of their enemies but the Allies held a steady position.
  • Germans sinks the Lusitania

    Germans sinks the Lusitania
    While the Lusitania was traveling from New York to England, a German submarine sunk the boat. This killed 128 Americans
  • Italian Front

    Italian Front
    When Italy declared war on Austra-Hungary this opened up a new front, the Italian Front. The front was approximately 600 km and 460,000 were killed. Thankfully, on their newly owned front, the Italians claimed victory.
  • The Battle of Verdun

    The Battle of Verdun
    Germany had a long bloody battle with France so they could drain their main power and resources out. Germany just used total war to destroy French morale. Neither side knew they weren't gonna win but still fought.
  • The Battle of Jutland

    The Battle of Jutland
    The Battle of Jutland was the largest naval battle in WW1. The British lost around 14 ships but still managed to hold tight and were ready for action within hours. The Germans, on the other hand, failed to retain and fight back the British's strength. The after-effect was that Germany could no longer take the British seriously in a fight.
  • The Sommes Battle

    The Sommes Battle
    This was when the Allied forces and Germans fought on the Western Front. This started when the British helped their alliance friend, the French against Germany. Supposedly, this was one of the bloodiest battles.
  • Russia Revolution

    Russia Revolution
    Russia withdrew from the war in 1917 when bringing the Bolsheviks to power which meant there was no more Eastern Front. However, in 1918 of March is when Russia officially signed a treaty new offensive on the Western Front.
  • America Enters WW1

    America Enters WW1
    After the Germans sunk the Lusitania which killed some Americans. This is when America declared war on Germany to now be welcomed into the war. Which at first, they were not prepared for but, overtime they grew a strong army.
  • Armistic

    World War 1 officially ended the fighting thanks to the Armistic on November 11th, 1918. After the war, there was a total of 9 million casualties. There was after 9 new nations formed after Austria-Hungary split apart.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    At the Treaty of Versailles, the Big 4 (France, United States, Great Britain, and Italy) came up with all their ideas for the treaty. Germany took responsibility for the cause of the war. Germany also agreed to pay for all the damage they've caused and got demilitarized to 100,000 troops.