Unit 3 Lab - Photography Through the Ages.

  • Photojournalism

    In addition to its scientific uses and all the art produced, photography also made its way into the news. Most Photojournalism picture were pictures of wars.
    Written journalistic descriptions and hand-drawn or painted illustrations were replaced by photographic images. These images were displayed in public shows and published in newspapers and magazines.
  • Timed Photography

    Timed Photography
    Eadward Muybridge settled the debate of whether horses hooves ever leave the ground at the same time, through timed photography.
    This picture of this horse is now part of the history of photography because of Eadward's idea of timed photography.
  • PopArt

    Popart uses commercial art and popular culture. Pop art is said to be a reaction to the abstract and surreal art movement, as it tears down the barriers between fine art and abstract art. Artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein were key artists during this movement.
  • Fashion

    A lot of things have been photographed this year, but form personal experince I think the thing most photographed this year are clothes, fashion in general. I'm not really into fashion, but social media has been invaded by people's outfits and new clothes.