Unit 2

  • French & Indian War

    ~War between the French & English
    ~Over land in North America
    ~The start of the war was a result of Indians led by George Washington killing a French officer
  • Treaty of Paris

    ~ Ended the French & Indian War
    ~England was determined to be the victor of this war
    ~France looses all of its North American claims. England claims all land west to the Mississippi River and North through Canada.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    ~Established by English
    ~prevented colonist from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains
    ~Colonist did not like being told what to do.
  • Sugar Act

    ~this was a tax on sugar and mollasses
    ~made to help pay off British war debt.
    ~helped start the Revolutionary war
  • Stamp Act

    ~passed by Parliament
    ~tax on legal documents
    ~ colonist organized a boycott
  • town shend acts

    1. Tax on essential goods
    2. Tax on varius house hold items such as paper glass
    3. resulted in boycott
  • Quartering act

    1, Quartering of troops
    2. colonists had to provide food housing blankets candles etc...
    3.everyone hated this but nothing could be done
  • Boston Massacre

    ~Tensions rose and shots were fired
    ~a riot and mobs confronted at British soldiers houses
    ~Sam Adams used the oppurtonity to whip up an anti British feeling by calling it a masacre
  • Tea Act

    ~ Tax on tea
    ~cut off tea trade with British
    ~British lowered prices
  • Boston Tea Party

  • Intolerable Acts

    ~no disscusions of policies
    ~couldn't hold town meetinsport of boston closed
    ~first contenental meets