Unit 12 - Progressivism

  • Pan-American Conference

    America introduces the term of "Big Sister" to explain its role as the protective mother of all Latin American countries when in trouble.
  • Spanish-American War

    After the mysterious explosion of the USS Maine, an American embarcation in the shores of Cuba, the US government decided to declare war on Spain.
  • Annexation of Hawaii

  • Annexation of Puerto Rico

  • Construction of Panamanian Canal

    After Colombia's denial for the construction of a canal by the US government in Panama, then Colombian territory, US ignited a revolution by the already unsatisfied Panamanians to become independent from Colombia, thus allowing the construction of the transoceanic canal.
  • Gentlemen's Agreement with Japan

    After a series of racist segregation and exclusion of Japanese in California, Japan and the US decide to arrange an informal agreement for a better treatment of Japanese-Americans in the US by restricting the emigration of Japanese to America.
  • Sixteenth Amendment

    Passage of the Sixteenth Amendment that granted the federal government to withdraw an annual federal income tax from Americans.
  • Clayton Anti-Trust Act

    A more extensive list of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act that restricted the power of the businesses and regulated it before the government and the people.