Unit 1

By sking
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  • George Washington

    Foreign policy rating= First term- Good, Second term- Good Cabinet=
  • Judiciary Act

    This act established the U.S. federal judiciary, This act kinda strengthenened the us.
  • Whiskey Rebellion Established

    The whiskey rebellion was in 1794. They showed that they had power by proving that the national government will be effective in maintaining law and order.
  • Pinkney Treaty

    the pinkney treaty happened in 1795 this treaty aided by the westward expansion of the united states by
  • John Adams

    He was President from March 4, 1797-March 4, 1801 He kept the us out of war by
  • X,Y,Z affair

    The xyz affair occured in 1798. This threatened the us foreighn policy by a $12 million loan from the us
  • Alien and sedition acts

    These actts limited the amercian freedom due to the fact that if you were not not a american citizen you had lesser rights. by voting righs and major legal rights. americans without papers and proof of citizenship were targeted by this act.
  • Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions

    This is an example of sectionalism because this resolution gave some rights back to the illegal aliens. the north adopted the idea of the feceralist and the south adoppting the idea of jeffersonians
  • Thomas Jefferson

    The third president of the u.s. 1801-1809 The major issue that faced his presidency is The decleration of independence
  • Louisiana Purchase

    When = 1803 This was important to the united states because The United States Purchased from france the louisiana territory.
  • War of 1812

    The causes are British attempted to restrict the us trade, the royal navy's impressment of american seamen and americas desire to expand its territory. several countries were involved including= us, great britian and france the british won. the war seen this us as a world power by the beggining of the national anthem start spangled banner