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Unification of italy

  • Period: to

    Origins of unification

    Giuseppe Mazzini started a group called Young Italy, a group of patriots whose goal is to make italy a free country. Camillo became Sardinia's prime minister and tried to drive out all the austrians. He also tries to unite italy.
  • Period: to

    Napolian Bonaparte III tries to help

    Napolian III of France decides to help Camillo di Cavour defeat the Austrians in exchange for two small italian lands, Nice and Savoy. The French came to aid Sardinia when they were attacked by the Austrians. The Austrians had to give up Lombardy.
  • Territories unite

    Territories unite
    Parma, Modena, Tuscany, and Romania voted to unite with Sardinia. This contributed to the unification of italy. Italy might be almost halfway united now.
  • Kingdom of The Two Sicilies overthrown

    Kingdom of The Two Sicilies overthrown
    Giuseppe Garibaldi and the red shirts decided to overthrow the king of the two sicilies. When they did, they united with Sardinia. Giuseppe should be ruling the two sicilies now.
  • Prussia vs. Austria

    Prussia vs. Austria
    A war raged between Prussia and Austria. Italy united with Prussia and defeated Austria. Italy got Venetia as a reward for helping the Prussians.
  • Rome joins italy completing unification

    Rome joins italy completing unification
    The romans wanted to join Italy. After they voted, joining Italy was the majority. After they joined, unification of Italy was complete.
  • Period: to

    problems of unification

    one problem was that north italy became industrialized while south italy became a poor, farming land. another would be that not many people were allowed to vote. many people were mad that sardinia had more influence. plus, since the pope can't rule, catholics didn't support government. all these might contribute to rebellion.