Unification Of Germany

  • Period: to

    Napoleon's changes

    Napoleon made important territorial changes in German speaking lands.
  • Zollverien was created

    Pussia created an econimc unio Zollverein which dismantled terrif barriers between many Geman states.
  • Frankfurt Assembly

    The liberal meeting in the Frankfurt Assembly again demanded German political unity.
  • Bimark becomes chancellor by King William I

    Bismark believed in real politic. He hoped to bring more power to the Hohenzolerns through unification. He tried to strengthen the army by using money that had been collected for other purposes. He led Prussia into three wars In which they had been victorious.
  • Alliance in Austria

    Nismark formed an alliance with Austria and seized providences from Denmark which they liberated and divided up the spoils.
  • The Austro-Prussian War

    Bismark invented an exuse to attack Austria. the war had lasted for seven weeks, Prussia then annexed several other German states. he dissolved the Austrian-led German Confederation and created a new confederation dominated by Prussia.
  • Franco_Prussian War

    Bismark rewrote a telegram that was a discussionb between King William I and Napoleon III, he edited it aso that it seemed William I had insulted Napoleon III. This triggered the war. The Prussians defeted the French after Napoleon III had surrendered.
  • Celebrating the Secin Reich

    Germns celebrated the birth oif the new empire with King WIlliam I of Prussia as kaiser, or emperor.