Ukranian Genocide

By lukec99
  • Collective farms

    Stalin forces family owned farms into collective farming.
  • "Kulaks" Start to rebel

    The wealthy Ukranian farmers were against Stalin's idea of collective farming.
  • Stalin's Response

    Stalin either executed the rebels or exiled them to Siberia.
  • The Famine starts

    Stalin orders grain to be shipped out from Ukraine but none to be brought in, starting the famine.
  • The peak of the genocide

    At this point, 25,000 Ukranians are dying every day, a large portion of them children. There have been several acts of cannibalism at this point.
  • The end of the famine

    The famine officially ends in the summer of 1933, with an estimated 5,000,000 Ukranians dead and 20,000,000 other Europeans that were victims of the lack of food coming out of Ukraine.
  • Covering it up

    The Soviet government tries to hide everything that happened over the last year. They silence any news of the Famine and even saying the word "Famine" is punishable by death.
  • The Famine is recognized

    After getting its independence, Ukraine makes the famine a part of official Ukranian history.