U.S HIstory 1788-1800

  • George Washington becomes first president

    George Washingtin becomes first elected president. John Adams is vice-president
  • Judicary Act Passed

    This act established a federal court system. The states kept their own laws and court.
  • Bill of Rights Added to the Constitution

    The Bill of Rights was 10 amendments that outlines our freedoms. They were intrduced by James Madison.
  • France Declares was on Austrai

    France declared war on Austrai in 1782 to to fight for their freedom. The French won their freedom in 1802.
  • France teporarily abolishes slavery

    In 1794 France abolished slavery. They made a law that says slavery is illegal.
  • Nations first cheif justice, John Jay, retires from the Supreme Court

    Jay served as the President of the Continental Congress, an honorific position with little power. During and after the American Revolution, Jay was a Minister (Ambassador) to Spain, France and Secretary of Foreign Affairs, helping to fashion United States foreign policy.
  • XYZ Afair

    The French seized American ships. Adams, in his letter to the French, used the letter X Y Z insted of the names of the French agents.
  • Alien and Sedation acts pass

    They were signed into law by President John Adams. The Sedition Act and the Alien Friends Act were allowed to expire in 1800 and 1801.
  • Rosetta Stone discovered in Egypt

    the Rosetta Stone aroused widespread public interest with its potential to decipher ancient language. It has been on public display at the British Museum since 1802.
  • LIbrary of Congress founded

    The Library of Congress is the research library of the United States Congress.the National library of the United States of America and the oldest federal cultural institution in the United States.