By Sulekha
  • TV in France

    TV in France
    the word television was used in 1900 but it took more than 20 years for the first commercial sets to arrive. The picture was small and the quality was poor.
  • First tv

    First tv
    The first working tv was made by John Logie Baird
  • The octagon

    The octagon
    This tv had a 3 inch screen and it was a large octagon whic is why it was called the ocatgon it was amde in 1928
  • 3 inch tv

    3 inch tv
    This tv had a unique design and it was named the semivisor
  • Russia

    This is a russian tv made in 1938
  • ge tv

    ge tv
    This is a GE TV from 1939
  • 12 inch

    12 inch
    Raytheon made this 12 inch round tv in 1949
  • color tv

    color tv
    The first Electronic color TV was the RCA CT-100, released in 1954, selling at $1,000
  • Italy

    The Italians have produced the “Phonola” In 1957
  • remotes!

    The first tvs that had wireless tv remotes were made in 1976
  • satellite broadcasting

    satellite broadcasting
    During the eighties, TVs began to take the shape of modern CRTs. Satellite broadcasting began in 1984. Here's a 1981 Magnavox TV, 19
  • 60 inch tv

    60 inch tv
    The latest CRT TVs had great picture quality, used a 'flat' glass, had fast refresh rate, and the largest sized ones were around 34”. During the nineties we saw some rear-projection TVs that were large (50”-60”) but with poor picture quality.
  • plasma tv

    plasma tv
    In 1997, Panasonic announced the first 'real' Plasma display, or PDP (plasma has been in research and some production since the sixties) – a 42” model, 852x480 resolution, progressive scan. Thus begins the thin-TV era. LCDs were also researched in the sixties, and the first commercial model was actually made in 1971, although only in the last few years do we really use those new TVs – at first smaller than Plasma, now they are made in roughly the same sizes (the largest LCD today is more than 10