History of Television by Jessica Zimmerman

  • Zworykin and color tube

    Zworykin and color tube
    Vladimir Kosma Zworykin patents the first television color tube. Zworykin invented a television transmitting and receiving system employing cathode ray tubes
  • US gets involved

    US gets involved
    Television is introduced in the United States. It is color yet, but black and white is a start.
  • First TV Sold

    First TV Sold
    This is the year the first television is sold. It costs 75 dollars and is called the Daven Television
  • France and USSR Get involved

    France and USSR Get involved
    Television is introduced in France and the USSR. They are a little behind US, but they are not that far behind.
  • BBC

    The British Broadcasting Corporation debuts the world's first television service with three hours of programming a day,
  • Japan and Italy get involved

    Japan and Italy get involved
    Television is introduced in Japan and Italy. Still black and white, not yet color.
  • Peter Goldmark

    Peter Goldmark
    Peter Goldmark invents a 343 lines of resolution color television system. This is colored television that many people will start watching.
  • Cable Television

    Cable Television
    Cable television is introduced in pennsylvania. Most cable viewers are in the suburbs and tend to be middle class.
  • One Million

    One Million
    One million homes in the US have television sets. Now that cable Has been introduced a lot more people are being attracted to television sets.
  • Colored TV in US.

    Colored TV in US.
    Colored tv is introduced in the United States. Even though years back it was invented, just this year colored tv is introduced.
  • Canada

    TV is introduced in Canada. It is the CBC.
  • TV Controller

    TV Controller
    Robert Adler invents Zenith Space Commander which is the first practical remote control.
  • Space Show

    Space Show
    the largest daytime TV audience in history watched astronaut Alan B. Shepard, Jr., soar into space for his 15-minute ride in a rocket-powered capsule. All 3 networks covered the event, beginning early in the morning in preparation for the 9:34 A.M. (EST) blast-off
  • Satellite to carry tv broadcats

    Satellite to carry tv broadcats
    AT&T launches Telstar, the first satellite to carry TV broadcasts and television broadcasts are relayed around the World.
  • Tour of white house on television

    Tour of white house on television
    Jacqueline Kennedy took the nation on a personally guided tour of the White House in a 60-minute special produced by CBS and aired on all 3 networks. An estimated 80 million people saw the show
  • percent with colored tvs

    50% of home TVs are color television sets. This is most likely the middle to upper class
  • Giant Screen

    Giant Screen
    Giant screen projection television is first marketed. The first big screen was introduced in 1974.
  • Recorder

    Sony introduces Betamax, the first home video cassette recorder. This attracts a lot of people because they can be able to wach things at home now
  • CNN

    CNN is launched by Ted Turner. It is called the Cable News Network. It is a 24 hour cable news channel founded in 1980.
  • TVs in court room

    Supreme Court rules to allow television cameras in the court room. This is big cponsidering now people are able to watch what is going on with law around the world.
  • Percentage of Households with at least one TV

    98 percent of house holds in the US have at least one television set. This is a good amount considering the different classes in the country.
  • A record

    201 million TV sets are sold in the US. This is a big number to have, but as time goes on only more tvs are going to be sold.
  • a world view

    900 million TV sets are sold around the world. About 20 percent of these sets are in the United States.
  • Web TV

    Web tv is introduced. It is created by Diba Inc and Zenith Electronics. Now people can watch tv on their computers and laptops.
  • HDTVs

    flat screen and HDTVs are released. Sales rise this year. After 35 yeards HDTVs are now being put on the market.
  • Analog and Digital

    Broadcast TV stations in the US have switched from analog to digital transmissions. This helps obtain good quality signals.
  • Transformers

    The movie transformers is released. It attracts many viewers and gets rated a 7.1 out of 10 by critics.
  • 3D TV

    The first 3d television is introduced. These tvs have totaled 41.45 million units in 2012
  • Samsung Smart tv

    Samsung brings the smart tv to Europe. 55 inches , created from a single pane of glass, true to life thinness tv. It will have smart interactions, content, and evo
  • NHL Making the deal

    NHL on Tuesday announced a 12-year, $5.2-billion (Canadian) TV and multi-media rights deal with Rogers Communications that will start with the 2014-15 season. The CBC will still air Hockey Night in Canada, but TSN will be frozen out of coverage in Canada.