First "Moving" picture

  • stroboscopic disc

    A series of photographs can be viewed by stroboscopic disc.
  • First Attempt of Recording

    Edison attempts to record picture photos onto a wax cylinder.
  • First Motion Picture

    First Motion Picture
    First public demonstration of motion pictures displayed in France.
  • Development of Cathode Ray

    Development of the Cathode Ray Tube by Ferdinand Braun.
  • Cathode Ray Tube

    Cathode Ray Tube
    Use of cathode ray tube to produce television images.
  • Talking Films

    Talking films begin with Al Jolson in "The Jazz Singer".
  • Telveision Sets

    There were fewer than 7,000 working TV sets in the country and only nine stations on the air; three in New York, two each in Chicago and Los Angeles, and one each in Philadelphia and Schenectady, N.Y.
  • Ed Sullivan

    Ed Sullivan
    "The Ed Sullivan Show" (originally "Toast of the Town") makes its debut in June. Sponsored by Lincoln-Mercury, the show becomes one of TV's longest-running and most successful variety series. The show airs on CBS into 1971, spurring the advancement of scores of show business careers.
  • Development of Sitcoms

    "I Love Lucy," a half-hour filmed TV sitcom, is born. The show, unlike the live TV productions typical of the time, ranks No. 1 in the nation for four of its first six full seasons. It is sponsored by Philip Morris.
  • Movies on TV

    Movies on TV
    The 1939 movie "Wizard of Oz" debuts in November on CBS's "Ford Star Jubilee." After more than three decades of exposure, the feature is considered one of the most successful single programs in TV history and the longest continually sponsored theatrical movie on TV.
  • Increased Popularity

    There are 525 cable TV systems serving 450,000 subscribers in the U.S. In February, CBS takes out a two-page ad in TV Guide in which it warns the public: "Free television as we know it cannot survive alongside pay television."
    Advertising Age reports "videotape seems to be catching on like wildfire." By October, 61 TV stations in the U.S. use tape.
  • Mr. Magoo!

    The cartoon ad character Mister Magoo becomes the nearsighted spokesman for General Electric bulbs.
  • Advertising Gets a Bad Rep.

    Advertising Gets a Bad Rep.
    Negative political TV advertising is born with the "Daisy" spot for Lyndon Johnson's presidential candidacy, in which a mushroom cloud suggests GOP candidate Barry Goldwater would not hesitate to use nuclear warfare.
  • Color Booms

    Color Booms
    Color TV booms as NBC leads the way and begins to use the phrase "The Full Color Network". By year's end, 96% of NBC's nighttime schedule is broadcast in color, along with all major programs, sports events and specials.
  • Olympics Televised

    The Winter Olympics sets ratings records, becoming the most-watched event in TV history with 204 million U.S. viewers, or 83% of the country, watching at least some of CBS's coverage. Ratings are boosted by the controversy surrounding the women's figure skating competition; prior to the Olympics, U.S. figure skater Tonya Harding was involved in an attack on teammate Nancy Kerrigan.
  • Year of the DVD

    Year of the DVD
    After years of speculation, the DVD finally takes hold and DVD movies are as common as those on VHS tape.
    Sony introduces CDCam video format. You can now record directly on a CD from a camcorder.
    AOL and Time Warner merge and become the largest company of it's kind in the world.
  • Organic Tvs

    Organic LCD TV's (OLCD) are Introduced and promises to revolutionize flat panel displays with their thin size.
    Time Running Out on Analog TV's as the FCC deadline approaches. By 2009 all broadcasts are to be in Hi-def digital format.
  • 3D movies

    3D movies
    3D movies and 3D television sets arrive. It started with James Cameron's blockbuster "Avatar". 3D has been around for decades, but this time it seems as though it is here to stay. Numerous movies have come out and all TV manufactures have released high definition 3D sets.
    Instead of those funky red/green cardboard glasses you now wear a modern hi-tech LCD pair that let's you watch the new sets with incredible clarity. Never before has 3D been so vivid. The images truly appear to jump off of t
  • Tv 2 go!

    Tv 2 go!
    One day, you will be able to watch TV whereever you go without having to find a tv and and find the channel! It would be attached to your glasses just waiting for you!
  • Tv of the future

    Tv of the future
    Similar to the inventions of Tony Stark, many things will be made of objects that we merely project our work onto and the projections are touch sensitive. Including a TV that could be watched on a mirror
  • TVs and Imagination

    TVs and Imagination
    As people become more creative and interested in tvs, they will make them more interesting and put them in many places and even attached to a bed frame!