1440 Printing Press- Machine made by Gutenberg which printed newspapers and boks efficiently on a large scale

  • Jan 1, 1440

    Printing Press #2

    Machine made by Gutenberg which printed newspapers and books efficiently on a large scale
  • FIrst Colonial newspaper

    FIrst newspaper "Public Occurences" banned after first issue
  • First newspaper ad in Boston newsletter

  • Freedom of Speech Established #1

    the right given to us b the government to openly and freely voice your opinion
  • Colonial Magazines appear- first magazine launched in the United States

  • Encyclopedias

    Frech Scholars begin compiling articles in alphabetical order
  • Saturday Evening Post is launched

    first and longest lasting general interest magazine
  • First African American Newspaper

    Freedom Journal is founded
  • Penny Press

    made newspapers affordable and they became a national information source
  • First Ad Agency

    Newspaper space broker
  • Telegraph #6

    Samuel Morse set up the first telegraph line, morese code was what they used to communicate, many telegegrah lines sprung across the country
  • Associated Press

    Development of the associated press which relays news stories from around the country.
  • Associated Press

    development of associated press which relays news stories from around the country
  • First Textbooks were published

    Allowed students to learn how to read
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

    book written about written about slavery that outraged the american people and lead to the abolishment of slavery
  • First Modern US Ad agency #4

    N.W. Ayer
  • Phonograph #5

    Thomas Edison recorded his own voice by concoctiong a machine that plays foil culinders, sound play back
  • Postal Act of 1879 #8

    Allowed magazine distibutution to thrive
  • Late 1880s Cathode Ray Tube

    Forerunner of the television picture
  • Nellie Bly

    Women that undercover in an insane asylum for a story, eventually inventing detective journalism.
  • Early 1900s Muckracking appears

    early forms of investigative reporting.
  • Nicketlodeons

    Storefront movie theaters with a five cent admission price begin to flourish in the United States
  • Federal Trade Commission is formed

    Start of advertising regulation
  • Movie Studio System

    Movie Studios start to gain production, distribution and exhibition of movies
  • NBC is created

    NBC is created, the first lasting network of radio stations, broadcasts nationally and plays a prominent role in unifying the country
  • First Talking Movie #9

    The first feature length motion picture is created
  • First Television Transmission #7

    Philo Farnsworth transmits the first television picture electronically
  • Radio Act of 1927 #10

    Stations must operation to serve the "public interest, convenience or necessity", caused creation of Federal Radio Commision
  • CBS is created

    William Paley creates CBS and it begins to compete against NBC
  • Federal Communications Act of 1934

    This act allows commercial interests to control the airwaves
  • 1940s Cable Televison

    Brings television to millions of people by giving access to people in areas with tall buildings or mountains.
  • 1950s Music Industry

    As TV began to threaten radio, it goes to the music industry for salvation and becomes a marketing arm for the sound recording industry
  • 1958-1959 Quiz Show Scandal

    Changes American view of “reality television”, changed what was being show on TV, and ended the process of sponsors creating programming.
  • ARPAnet

    United States Defense Department starts research on a distributed online network, creating the forerunner of the internet.
  • Telstar

    The first communication satellite transmits television and telephone signals making long distance communication possible.
  • PBS

    Congress creates the corportation for Public Broadcasting which establishes PBS and begins funding nonprofit radio and public television stations
  • Microprocessors

    Smaller circuits enabled personal computers (PCs) to be created
  • HBO

    HBO is created as the first premium channel is launched in the United States
  • Hypertext invented #3

    A software system that links topics on the screen to related information and graphics.
  • CNN

    CNN revolutionizes the news and television industry by becoming the first 24 hour news program.
  • Amazon.com

    The first online book distributor is established.
  • Telecommunications Act of 1996

    Deregulates cable television and eliminates TV ownership restrictions allowing for consolidation in the industry.
  • Blogging

    Blogging software is launched, helping to popularize this new form of communication
  • MP3

    A new way of compressiong music into digital files changes the industry as miillions of Internet users share music files on Napster
  • Instant Messaging

    the fastest growing area of the Internet
  • Social Networking

    Revolutionizes the way people get connected and stay connected through the creation of Friendster, paving the way MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Smart Phones

    The creation of the IPhone is announced starting the trend of internet accessing cellphones, This makes connectivity between people a 24 hour a day process through the use of social networking and e-mal
  • Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows

    Sold 13.1 copies in year 1 making it the fastest selling book in history.
  • Digital Television Standard

    The FCC ends a tv set's ability to recieve analog broadcast signals throughthte airwaves with an antenna
  • Ratings System

    The Motion Pictures Association of America initiates the first ratings system for age apporopriateness