History of Television by Marissa Fu

By amy306
  • Scanning Disc System

    Scanning Disc System
    This is the first electronic television that had motion picture. The pictures would show up very small and in neon orange.
  • First Electronic TV

    First Electronic TV
    During this time, the first electronic television was made. There was a mechanical television before this.
  • Aerial Television

    Aerial Television
    This was the first aerial television broadcast. It showed things like flights of airplanes.
  • First Broadcasting in the United States

    First Broadcasting in the United States
    During the 1931, there was 25 stations that were on TV. They had up to 25 stations that were offered on TV for people to watch.
  • The 1932 Presidential Election

    The 1932 Presidential Election
    During the 1932 presidential election, it was the first to be broadcasted. Before they used radios to hear the presidents, but now they were able to see them on TV.
  • Gone With the Wind

    Gone With the Wind
    This movie is one of the most popular movies that first came out. It was one of the first movies that came out during the time when televisions came out.
  • First Televised Sports Event

    First Televised Sports Event
    In 1940, families first witnessed history in their homes. They were able to watch the first televised hockey games, college basketball games and college track and field events. They were able to watch this in their own living rooms.
  • The first black and white electronic TV broadcasting

    The first black and white electronic TV broadcasting
    On this day, the first black and white electronic broadcasting occurred. Before this it was in orange and grays.
  • Federal Communications Commission

    Federal Communications Commission
    During this time, the FCC started to create standards in which the shows had to be based on. On the first day of the standards being set, NBC and CBS started their broadcasting since they had received their licenses.
  • I Love Lucy

    I Love Lucy
    In 1951, one of the most popular television shows was I Love Lucy. It started on June 15th, and it started by introducing the character as well as having the character in commercials.
  • The First Color TV

    The First Color TV
    This was the first mechanical television that was released to the public, Before this, it was black and white or in gray and orange. The price of this TV was $499.95.
  • First Convention Broadcast

    First Convention Broadcast
    In 1952, for the first time, they were able to broadcast a convention. They were able to broadcast the live convention of t he Republicans and Democratics from Philadelphia.
  • TV Channels

    TV Channels
    During the when televisions first came out, there were only three channels. The three channels were ABC, NBC, and CBS.
  • Kennedy Assassination

    Kennedy Assassination
    Although, there were many positive things that were happening in this time period with the evolution of television, there were many horrors that were able to be witnessed. The first was in 1963 and it was the assassination of Kennedy.
  • Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

    It appears that the 1960s was a time of many horror and sorrowful events on television. Not only were two presidents assassinated, the civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. was also assassinated.
  • One of the most popular shows: Here's Lucy

    One of the most popular shows: Here's Lucy
    Around the time when color television came around, there were many shows that played on TV. One of the few favorites were Marcus Welby, The Flip Wilson Show and Here's Lucy. The picture is of Here's Lucy.
  • Home Box Office (HBO)

    In 1972, the first commercial cable network was created. The HBO was first transmitted by Time, inc.
  • Charlie's Angels

    In the 1970s, there were a lot of popular television shows that came out. One of the few popular ones was Charlie's Angels which wasa a crime drama. It was the first time that a show had showcase women in roles traditionally reserved for men.
  • Cable TV

    Cable TV
    Although there was cable TV in the 1970s, not many people had it. During the 1980s, just about everyone had cable TV that offered more channels than the three original channels: ABC, CBS, NBC.
  • Going Places

    There were many shows that were meant for children to watch to learn more about places instead of violence that they would see on other shows. The show Going Places was for ages 7-9 and they were short 15 minute episodes that went through geography.
  • The Cosby Show

    This show was the most popular for many years within the 1980s. It was one of the new shows that jumped in popularity upon it's release on television.
  • Huge Changes in TV Broadcast

    Huge Changes in TV Broadcast
    During this time period, the content of TV shows started to change. It started to have the message of "devil may care". They had contents within the shows such as violence, sexual acts, drug use and the lack of family values.
  • Cartoon Network

    One of the most popular children's channels was invent in 1992 as an addition to cable TV. There were many other channels that were created but this was one that stood out most.
  • Charmed First Aired

    One of my favorite shows was first aired in 1998. It was a very popular show during the early 2000s although it was released in late 1990s.
  • Broadcasting of 9/11

    There were the broadcasting of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. They were able to catch the terror and chaos that occurred during that one most tragic day in history.
  • The Wire

    One of the most popular shows in the 2000s. It was released in 2002 and continued to be aired until 2008. It was aired on HBO.
  • Athens Olympics

    They broadcast the Olympics each and every year. Each and every year just about everyone watches the Olympics as they are being boradcasted on television.
  • Breaking Bad

    The television took a risk in releasing this show. They wanted to try something new and this show was a huge hit in the past few years.
  • Death of Osama bin Laden

    The end of the terrorist leader was killed and the details were broadcasted on television within days of his death. The US had been hunting down this man for his terrorist attacks. The US Navy Seals had attacked them and killed bin Laden during the crossfire.
  • LG releases a 3D TV

    One this day, they have a first release of a 84inich 3D television. They had a display of 8 million pixels per frame. They also had toggle between channels wtih voice recognition.