History of Television and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

By dchan
  • A still picture is transmitted through a wire

    Moving images were not successfully sent for another 65 years!
  • First moving images transmitted

    Transmitted between Washington, DC and New York City.
  • First National Broadcast of the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation

    First national broadcast covering the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation
  • Creation of the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commision (CRBC)

    1932 The Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission (CRBC) was created
  • CBC become Canada's national public broadcaster

    CBC become Canada's national public broadcaster
    The Canadian Broadcasting Act replaced the CRBC with a Crown Corporation, and Canada's national public broadcaster was born.
  • 200 television sets in the United States

  • CBC begins special wartime broadcasts

    CBC/Radio-Canada sent a team of announcers and technicians to accompany the Canadian Armed Forces' First Division to England,
  • First televised Presidential speech, delivered by F. D. Roosevelt

    Broadcasted by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA)
  • CBC adopts its first emblem

    Emblem = an image of radio waves and a map of Canada.
  • Start of the CBC News Service

  • Radio-Canada's News division is created.

  • First French radio station created in Manitoba outside of Quebec

    Radio station Radio Saint-Boniface (Manitoba), provided the first French language network station outside of the Province of Québec.
  • 1 million television sets in the United States

  • First cable t.v. originating in Pennsylvania

    Community Antenna Television was introduced in mountainous rural areas of Pennsylvania. This became what we now know as cable TV.
  • Television mostly "live" programs...films were poor quality

  • First isssue of the weekly programing was published

    First isssue of the weekly programing was published
    To help Canadians keep track of programming.
  • Special coverage of the Manitoba floods

  • First CBC affiliate and private t.v. station opened in Sudbury

  • First telecast of the opening of Parliament

  • Satellite broadcasting introduced

    Satellite broadcasting introduced
    Made it possible to send and receive television signals anywhere in the world
  • Federal Government announces its policy on colour television

  • Tobacco ads no longer permitted on CBC and Radio-Canada

    Tobacco advertising was discontinued on CBC/Radio-Canada airwaves.
  • Satellite broadcasting allowed people around the world to watch the images transmitted from the moon landing

  • The first CRTC-issued network licences for CBC/Radio-Canada

  • CBC's International Service renamed to Radio Canada International

    The national public broadcaster's International Service was renamed Radio Canada International (RCI
  • First live television service to the North, via the Anik satellite

    First live television service to the North, via the Anik satellite
  • Practical videotape recording system for home use available.

  • Start of live television coverage of the House of Commons

    Start of live television coverage of the House of Commons
    Via satellite and cable TV
  • CBC introduces closed captioning

  • Consumers can subscribe to direct delivery of programming to their homes

    Instead of cable systems or conventional broadcast programming
  • CBC establishes CBC.ca and Radio-Canada.ca

  • Over 1 billion television sets worldwide

    Over 1 billion television sets worldwide
  • FCC approves broadcast standards for high-definition television

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • CBC launches a new digitial audio music service, Galaxie

  • International Olympic Committee awards CBC broadcast rights for next 5 Olympics

    This is in addition to the previous two Games, 1996 in Atlanta and 1998 in Nagano, Japan.
  • Hockey Night in Canada enters its 50th season

  • FCC mandates that all new t.v's made are able to receiving digital signals by 2007

  • CBC TV wins Broadcaster of the Year Award in New York

  • FCC mandates thta broadcasts are digital, not by antenna

    The transmission frequencies are sold to improve wireless internet capabilities for handheld devices
  • CBC celebrates its 50th anniversary

    Special events: Historic visit by Queen Elizabeth to the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto and, in partnership with VIA Rail, a special anniversary train that travelled across the country.
  • Television in 2017

    Bigger and massive sound
    Interactive remote
    Aesthetic looking tv’s that have a more décor feel rather than a piece of technology.
    TV can be controlled by a phone and videos or content from your phone or Youtube could be streamed.
  • Television programs in 2021

    The shows might be the same but everything will be in 3D
    The remote can be used to select objects in the show (eg. In Dora the Explorer, she often asks the audince to find Map. The audience in 2021 can select the map with the remote instead of shouting the answer at the t.v or having an awkward pause.)
  • Television in 2037

    Everything will be consolidated onto "one machine", so monitor and t.v wll be integrated.
    Instead of the remote, the audience could use hand gestures or their voice to change channels or volume.