History of Television by Alec Trapani

  • Radiovision is born

    Radiovision is born
    Charles Jenkins invented a mechanical television system called radiovision and claimed to have transmitted the earliest moving silhouette images.
  • First Public Demonstration of Television

    First Public Demonstration of Television
    John Baird gave the first demonstration of television to forty people in his lab, the images were of living human faces.
  • First mass produced television

    First mass produced television
    made by John Baird the first tv begins to mass produce
  • 1939 Worlds fair shows TV

    1939 Worlds fair shows TV
    1939 World's Fair in New York, where RCA unveiled their new NBC TV studios in Rockefeller Plaza
  • FCC authorizes commercial broadcasting

    FCC authorizes commercial broadcasting
    Commercial broadcasting finally authorized by the FCC to start on this date. NBC begins with a 10 second "Bulova" (watch) commercial. This first commercial, which simply showed the face of a watch, gave the network a profit of $7.00
  • War slows TV production

    War slows TV production
    War slows production of TV sets
  • The invention of cable

    The invention of cable
    Cable is first born in Pennyslavania, allowing a 24/7 feed of television.
  • First Children's programming

    First Children's programming
    The American Broadcasting Company first aired Saturday morning TV shows for children creating new programming to attract a larger audience.
  • First Remote Control

    First Remote Control
    The first TV remote control, called the “Lazy Bones,” was developed in 1950 by Zenith Radio Corporation.
  • Ed Sullivan show in color

    Ed Sullivan show in color
    CBS broadcasts a one-hour Ed Sullivan show, but only two dozen CBS sets can receive the color broadcast. By the end of June, RCA demonstrates its electronic color system, and the industry takes notice.
  • RCA color system becomes standard

    RCA color system becomes standard
    FCC approves electronic RCA color system, reversing its prior decision to accept CBS mechanical system. It calls this new RCA color system "NTSC" color.
  • First Presidential debate on television

    First Presidential debate on television
    The first televised Presidential debate on 26 Sep 1960, was watched by over 65-70 million viewers, and is widely credited with erasing Richard M. Nixon's lead over John F. Kennedy.
  • JFK assasinated

    JFK assasinated
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy is shot on television while in Dallas, TX
  • Moon Landing

    Moon Landing
    The Apollo 11 space mission landed on the moon and was broadcast on television
  • NBC begins broadcasting news all the time

    NBC begins broadcasting news all the time
    The National Broadcast Center begins to show the news seven days a week
  • Munich Olympic games terror attack

    Munich Olympic games terror attack
    Athletes from Isreal are attacked and killed by terrorists at the Munich Olympic games.
  • Iran Hostage Crisis

    Iran Hostage Crisis
    More than sixty Americans were taken hostage for over one year by Iranian revolutionaries.
  • Creation of CNN

    Creation of CNN
    The Cable News Network begins and is the first "superstation" network.
  • Final episode of M.A.S.H.

    Final episode of M.A.S.H.
    The final episode of MASH had over 100 million viewers. And was incredibly popular over its many seasons.
  • Tiananmen Square Massacre

    Tiananmen Square Massacre
    Chinese Military forces fire upon civilian protestors in Tiananmen Square causing a brutal massacre.
  • Gulf War

    Gulf War
    America begins its campaign in the gulf with bombing runs and ground forces going to stop Sadam Hussein's WMD's
  • Los Angeles Riots

    Los Angeles Riots
    The beating of Rodney King by police officers along with there being no penalty for them caused citywide riots in LA.
  • History Channel Launches

    History Channel Launches
    The History Channel was launched creating another channel that to make money and further increase entertainment
  • September 11 Terrorist attacks

    September 11 Terrorist attacks
    The Twin Towers in New York City are destroyed by a terrorist attack.
  • Massive tidal wave hits Indonesia

    Massive tidal wave hits Indonesia
    A 9.0 magnitude sparked a massive tidal wave, or tsunami Indonesia was hit with little advance warning, wiping out entire communities and killing an estimated 280,000 people
  • 2008 Presidentail election

    2008 Presidentail election
    Barack Obama wins over John McCain to become President of the most powerful country in the world.