• Flexible Film invented

    Flexible Film invented
    George Eastman invented flexible film.
    It is multiple images stored onto the plastic strip.
    This was considered the beginning of video.
  • Motion Picture Camera Invented

    Motion Picture Camera Invented
    Thomas Edison was the inventor of the motion picture camera patterned it this year.
  • First Public Demonstration

    First Public Demonstration
    The first demonstration for the public was done in France.
  • Dickson Creates Short Films

    Dickson Creates Short Films
    The company Dickson creates many 15 second films using Thomas Edisons invention. These were one of the first videos ever made.
  • First Introduction of the Television

    First Introduction of the Television
    This was the first introduction of the Television at the World Fair in Paris.
  • First Movie Theater

    First Movie Theater
    In 1905, John P. Harris and Harry Davis opened a five-cents-admission movie theater in a Pittsburgh storefront,
  • Invention of Cathode Ray

    Invention of Cathode Ray
    The invention of the Cathode Ray Rube was made to create television images
  • Televisions in Households

    Televisions in Households
    This innovation or movement in the culture was extremely significant. Families were now embracing the TV as a family activity and began to bring people together in a way we never imagined. The shortcomings is that it takes a way from real human interactions. This is how we now share quality time with people. I personally have Monday nights spent with my best friend watching a TV show and I know many people spend their time with friends doing the same. This will diminish communication.
  • First Television Broadcast

    First Television Broadcast
    The first broadcast was done in London England. It was a British play called "The Man with the Flower in His Mouth." Watch it here:
  • Full Time Evening Programing

    Full Time Evening Programing
    There was 4 television networks. This was the first year that rural areas also got a taste of the television.
  • Colored Televisions are invented

    Colored Televisions are invented
    The first all colored television sets were invented and sold for $1000. More than half of America owned a television at this time.
  • First Wireless Remote

    First Wireless Remote
    Zieneith Company invented the flash matic wireless remote, light activated. Intersting video on the history or remotes:
  • Nixon and Kennedy Election Broadcast

    Nixon and Kennedy Election Broadcast
    During the presidency this was put on the television program
    This brought the candidacy to the people allowing them to not only hear but see what was going on. I dont think anyone saw shortcomings of this. This change in technology impacted the election allowing people to really get involved with it and spend times around the TV watching this. It affected relationships with the candidates allowing the people to get more attached.
    Watch Debates Here:
  • First Plasma Display

    First Plasma Display
    The first plasma display was invented by the U of Illinois.
  • VHS Invented

    VHS Invented
    VHS was introduced to the market.
  • Introduction of the Satillite

    Introduction of the Satillite
    Cabale programing through satellite fed cable was introduced and the start of home dish owners begins.
  • First Wide Screen TV

    First Wide Screen TV
    first wide screen was 16 by 9 inches
  • Flat Screen Televisions Introduced

    Flat Screen Televisions Introduced
    starting value was $20,000
  • Netflix

    Movies being sent to peoples homes.
  • TIVO

    This changes how the regular consumer watched tv. A personal recorder that allows the viewer pause a live show, records shows that they may have missed and skip pesky commercials and ads.
  • netflix online streaming

    netflix online streaming
    allowing people to not have to watch ads and watch shows from the comfort of their own home instantly
  • Analog to Digital Television

    Analog to Digital Television
    America makes the switch
  • Prediction: First Movie Aired Through Netflix

    Prediction: First Movie Aired Through Netflix
    This will eventually diminish the need for movie theaters

    CGI will get so good that in 100 years we will not even need actors.
  • The Medium is the Message

    The Medium is the Message
    This technology highlights relaxation and entertainment allowing us to be together or alone but be entertained. What it doesn't highlight is experiencing interaction for yourself it teaches us how to relate and interact without us having to experience anything. It can even mask loneliness because of the connections you feel with the characters in the show.