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History of Television by Kevin Kessler

  • Picture of Herbert Hoover

    Picture of Herbert Hoover
    In 1923 American Inventor Charles Jenkins transmitted pictures of Herbert Hoover from Washington to Phildadelphia.
  • Radiovision

    Charles Farnsworth developed a mechanical scanning system using a revolving disk. This was called radiovision.
  • Face to Face with Herbert Hoover

    Face to Face with Herbert Hoover
    In 1927 the President of American Telephone and Telegraph company spoke from NY to Herbert Hoover in Washington. He was able to clearly see the face of Herbert Hoover as he spoke. Therefore, it was proven that electricity could carry sight as well as sound.
  • BBC

    In 1932 the BBC began regular television transmissions.
  • Coaxial Cable

    Coaxial Cable
    In 1936 a cable made of copper-coated wire called a coaxial cable was introduced. These cables were used to transmit television, telephone and data systems. The first experimental lines were laid by AT&T between NY and Philadelphia.
  • Worlds Fair

    Worlds Fair
    At the Worlds Fair in 1939 televsion was introduced as an exhibit. During the Fair the 1st Presidential speech was shown on the TV.
  • Color Television

    Color Television
    In 1940 Peter Goldmark invented a 343 lines of resolution color television system. He was the first to introduce a color tv.
  • Orthicon

    In 1943 Vladimir Zworkin developed a camera tube called the Orthicon. You could use this to record events at night.
  • Color TV and the FCC

    Color TV and the FCC
    In 1946 Peter Goldmark demonstrated the color tv he invented to the FCC.
  • TV's sold

    TV's sold
    In 1948 about 1 million homes in the United States had a television set.
  • Lucille Ball

    Lucille Ball
    On June 15th 1951 the first episode of I Love Lucy aired. This show was a household favorite.
  • National Convention

    National Convention
    On July 7th 1952 the Democratic and Republican Conventions were broadcast live from Philadelphia.
  • Remote Control

    Remote Control
    Robert Adler invented the first Remote Control for television. The remote control was called the Zenith Space Commander.
  • Videotape

    In 1936 Ampex developied the first videotape system. This allowed you to record and watch television anywhere.
  • Andy Griffith

    Andy Griffith
    On 10/3/60 the first episode of the Andy Griffith show was aired. This show was about a local Sheriff who was the single father of a young boy in a town called Mayberry.
  • Telstar

    On June 10th AT&T launched Telstar. Telstar was the first satellite to carry television broadcasts.
  • Moon Landing

    Moon Landing
    This was the first tv transmission from the moon. 600 million people watched the televised moon landing.
  • All in the Family

    All in the Family
    On this date the first episode of All in the Family aired. This was the highest rated show in the US from 1971-1976. This shown is known as one of the greatest shows of all time.
  • M*A*S*H

    The first episode of MASH aired on 09/17/72. MASH stands for Mobil Army Surgical Hospital. It was based on a Surgical Hospital stuck in the middle of the Korean War.
  • Big Screens

    Big Screens
    In 1973 the first Giant Screen projection tv was introduced.
  • Betemax

    In 1975 Sony introduced Betemax which was the first home video cassette recorder. People could record programs and watch then later.
  • CNN

    On his date CNN launced the first all news network. The station was started by Ted Turner.
  • DBS operations

    DBS operations
    On this date Direct Broadcast Satellite opertions began. This allowed broadcasting companies to use satellites to distribute television programs.
  • Households with TV's

    Households with TV's
    On this datse 98% of US households have at least one television set.
  • Friends

    The first episode of the television show Friends aired on 9/22/94. This was a popular show of this decade.
  • DVD

    On this date the first DVD and DVD players went on sale.
  • HDTV

    In 1998 the first high definition (HDTV) televisions went on sale in America.
  • Reality TV

    Reality TV
    Reality TV took over in the 2000's. In 2002 American Idol made its debut.
  • Blue Ray

    Blue Ray
    The first blue ray dvd players were introduced in June 2006.
  • TV's go digital

    TV's go digital
    On this date all tv's went digital. Any tv that was analog went black.
  • 3D

    3D television was introduced in 2010. Sporting games began to be televised in 3D
  • Online programming

    Online programming
    In 2012 you began to be able to watch your favorite television programs online on your computer.
  • Smart TV

    Smart TV
    Smart televisions are introduced. These televisions allow you to watch the information on your computer be transmitted to your computer.